Square + Xero Migration

Pamela Calilung
Customer success manager Request support
  • The old Square + Xero integration, which was natively embedded into your Xero account, has been retired as of 30th November 2021
  • To replace the legacy integration and keep the connection between your Square and Xero accounts, switch to the new and improved integration Square + Xero integration, built in partnership and supported by Amaka

The old Square + Xero integration, which was natively available within your Xero account, has been retired as of 30th November 2021. That means you’ll need to switch to the new Square + Xero integration built in partnership with Amaka, to make sure your data will keep flowing into Xero with no interruptions.

Getting ready for the migration

Before proceeding with the migration, it is important that you address the following points:

  • Review the data synced by the old integration by comparing Square and Xero reports to make sure you have the correct balances.
  • Review the clearing accounts on your balance sheet and make sure that you have allocated the deposits accordingly.

Setting up the new Square + Xero integration

  1. Visit the Square + Xero integration page and have your Xero and Square login details handy.
  2. Sign in with your Square account and follow the instructions to authenticate your Xero account and complete the setup.
  3. In the final step, you can agree to deactivate your old integration automatically. We strongly suggest doing this, to prevent duplicate entries of Square data in Xero (it won’t impact the data that’s already there).

If you need help, you can browse the new integration’s setup guide or engage with our support team for a guided setup of the integration.

Preventing duplicate entries

With the new integration you also have the option to backsync your data, but ensure that the start sync date that you choose is after the date of the last sales recorded from the old integration in Xero. Also, be mindful of the synced transactions from the old integration or deposits manually entered and reconciled to the sales account.