How Square data syncs into QuickBooks Online


Sales sync

On a daily basis, the Square + QuickBooks Online integration will sync an invoice for the summary of your previous day’s closed sales orders.

To view the integrated sales transactions:

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.

  2. Click on the Sales menu and then Invoices.

  3. Select the date range of the sales you wish to view.

  4. Click on the invoice to view the details.

The default contact name for a daily summary sync is the location name. If you have modified this, you can find the details within the integration settings in the General section.

Payout sync

Payouts coming in or out of your business bank account are synced as bank transfers. You need to match and reconcile these transactions. Find our Square + QuickBooks Online reconciliation guide.

To view the payout transfers from Square in QuickBooks Online:

  1. In your QuickBooks Online account, click on the Transactions menu and then Chart of Accounts.

  2. Find the Square Balance account and click on Account history.

  3. You will find a list of transactions and the payout transfers are tagged as Transfer type.

The integration also syncs other payout transactions such as fees into a Journal Entry.

To find other payout transactions:

  1. In your QuickBooks Online account, click on the Reports menu.

  2. Select the Journal report.

  3. Select the date range for which you want to view the journal entries.

  4. Include the Memo/description in the visible columns.

  5. Click the Journal Entry you want to view.

The preset accounts below are created and mapped by default when you initially set up your integration.

Payout Transaction QBO Account Account Type
Square Fees Square Fees Expenses
Third Party Fees Square Third Party Fees Expenses
Square Balance Adjustments Square Balance Adjustments Other Current Liabilities
Square Chargebacks Square Chargebacks Expenses
Square Held Funds Square Held Funds Other Current Assets
Square Loan Payments Square Loan Payments Other Current Liabilities
Square Redemption Code Income Square Other Income Income
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