Welcome to Amaka!

We’ve condensed 20+ years of accounting expertise into a mission: Help small businesses save time and money with automation.

What we believe

Amaka is a powerful, cloud-based platform that allows business owners, professional accountants, and bookkeepers to automate accounting operations. Thanks to its unique integration technology and support model, Amaka brings affordable enterprise-level automation solutions to SMBs on a global scale.

  • You help a small business thrive, you help your local economy.
  • Repetitive and redundant tasks should be extinguished – It’s 2024!
  • A tech business should keep investing in human interactions.
65k+ Connected Merchants
60+ Team members globally
25+ Serviced Countries
1Bn+ Automations Processed

Our Offices

amaka office australia

Australia (HQ)

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amaka office us poland

United States (Atlanta, GA)

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Amaca means “hammock” in Italian. Hammock connects two points to make you relax. It’s easy to use and comfortable. That’s exactly what Amaka’s purpose is. Connect systems in a simple and easy way. So, instead of breaking a sweat doing all that manual labor, you’ll have more time to kick back in your hammock 🙂