Let us handle your bank reconciliation and data monitoring

With the Managed Reconciliation Service, our Integration Specialists will take care of reconciling and monitoring all transactions synced with Amaka’s accounting integrations.

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Benefits of our Managed Reconciliation Service

Outsource your e-commerce and/or POS payment reconciliation. Both time saving and convenient, making it the perfect addition to your Amaka accounting integration.

reconciliation management services
End-to-end reconciliation

We’ll take the reins on your reconciliation, from start to finish, on all transactions and accounts synced by Amaka’s integrations.

reconcile clearing accounts
Clearing accounts

We make sure your clearing accounts are accurately matching up to your unpaid payouts and are regularly being zeroed out.

all payment types reconciliation
Multiple payment types

Any and every payment type is welcome, we’ll take care of reconciling it all. Includes relevant e-commerce and POS platform fees.

all locations reconciliation
Multiple locations

We’ll handle bank reconciliations for all your business’ locations, making it easier for you to manage your growing business.

reconciliation updates reports
Regular updates

Each week, you’ll receive an update from us on your reconciliation along with optional analytics for a worry-free experience.

reconciliation recommendations problems
No more human errors

We’ll find the problems you might’ve missed, such as mapping errors or unclosed invoices, to keep all your records in check.

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Have active e-commerce and/or POS integration/s

Amaka integration/s will automatically sync transactions

On a weekly basis, our team will reconcile payments

This includes all the transactions synced by Amaka

We will identify any discrepancies and errors

E.g. Disputes, mapping errors, unclosed invoices and more

Get a weekly update on the outcomes of your reconciliation

Comes with additional reports on business performance

Never worry about payment reconciliation again

Set and forget! Save hours every month on manual work

Bay Vinyl Records reconciliation testimonial

“They do my reconciliation every week and prepare a detailed report of the reconciles between Square and Xero. This service costs a little extra but is well worth the peace of mind, knowing that all my data is consistently accurate and reliable. I highly recommend this service.”

Steve Allen – Owner at Bay Vinyl Records

Pricing for Managed Reconciliation Service

Take advantage of a 7-day free trial and start saving a handful of hours every month by letting Amaka take care of your reconciliation and data monitoring. Set and forget.



/month (Billed monthly)


  • End-to-end reconciliation
  • All payment types
  • All locations
  • Regular updates and reports
  • No more human errors
  • Unlimited Zoom support
  • Live chat & Help desk
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FAQ on outsourced reconciliation with Amaka

You will be billed on a monthly basis but are not locked in on a contract for this service.
Every week, we will reconcile all transactions synced by Amaka’s e-commerce/POS accounting integrations. We typically provide weekly updates on the status of your reconciliation along with additional reports but you can opt to receive these reports less regularly.
You get access to a 7-day free trial before the billing cycle begins. If you want results sooner, you can choose to get your previous 7-days of transactions reconciled straight away. You will get a progress report as well.
This service is beneficial to business owners and accounting professionals who use or have clients using Amaka’s e-commerce and POS integrations to Xero, MYOB, or Quickbooks Online.
As part of the Managed Reconciliation Service, we will manage the payment/bank reconciliation for the accounts that are involved with the Amaka integration/s you have active. Any transactions that aren’t synced by our integrations are not in the scope of this service.

In our updates, we’ll keep you updated at every step on the outcome of your reconciliations, raise any issues found, and recommend any changes to make such as best practices for account mapping, customisation, closing invoices and more!

Optionally, you can choose to receive additional data analytics and reports that dive into sales, engagement, etc.

Yes, you can definitely include your accountant or bookkeeper and we’ll coordinate with them on this service.
Yes, you can definitely pause the service on occasions when no transactions are being processed.