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Don’t waste resources on building, maintaining and supporting complex accounting integrations. Partner with Amaka and fill this gap.

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Leading providers globally have partnered with Amaka on their official accounting integrations. With over 60,000 users, we’re one of the fastest growing integration providers.

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“Entrusting Amaka with the rollout of this key integration has been a no-brainer. Their best-in-class automation technology and customer-focused support maximizes the partnership further and we’re excited to see the positive impact it has on businesses.”

— Jason Lalor, Executive Director at Square Europe on Square’s partnership with Amaka

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Let us handle the build, maintenance and support for your accounting integrations. With over 40+ accounting integrations, you can trust Amaka’s specialized expertise.

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We can build accounting integrations for Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB and Sage or upgrade existing ones.

maintain accounting integration

Amaka will maintain the accounting integrations, making updates according to feature requests and changing requirements.

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Our CPA-trained support team is well-versed in global accounting standards and are available to support your users 24/7.

Integrations with a global scale

60,000+ businesses in 25+ countries around the world have synchronised over 1 billion transactions through Amaka.


Small businesses around the world are automating their books with Amaka


Accounting automation applicable to multiple regions

1 Billion+Transactions

Sales, payments and transactional data is automatically synchronised

How does it work?

Partner with Amaka to launch your accounting integrations with Quickbooks Online, Xero, Sage, and MYOB. Amaka will handle all of the implementation, onboarding and ongoing support.

Get in contact and meet with our partnership team

Let's discuss how we can align on technical and commercial requirements.

Let us worry about the implementation

We look after the whole cycle of building the integration and training Amaka’s support team.

Launch the integration in 4 to 6 weeks

We’ll continue to maintain and support the integration.


Partnering with Amaka on accounting integrations

We worked with Vend to build, maintain and support their official accounting integration. In this testimonial, they share their experience.

Build vs. buy

Should you build or buy accounting integrations? Compare the advantages of spending resources to develop your own vs. working with a technology partner.

Allow your users to sync their data to a range of accounting software
Development team with expertise in accounting integrations and APIs
Existing expertise in global accounting standards
Existing compliance with requirements across multiple marketplaces
Pass on responsibility for onboarding and maintenance processes
Existing social proof with 900+ 5-star reviews and 60,000+ users
Allow your internal team to focus on your product’s core functions

FAQ on partnering with Amaka

We make it easy. We provide the deepest and most automated solution to your customer base. We provide world class support for each integration.

Amaka will take full responsibility for building the integration. This includes creating and keeping up the connection to your technology. After the build, we’ll continue to maintain the integration and provide support to your users. No heavy lifting on your end!

If you have existing accounting integrations, we can build accounting integrations to replace those and manage the migration for your users. Then, we will take over the maintenance and support. Many partners have chosen to pass on their accounting integrations to us as they’ve underestimated the amount of support required for accounting-related features. Our support team are CPA-trained, are certified in relevant accounting software, and are up-to-date with global accounting standards. They are able to provide specialized support through live chat, help desk or Zoom calls around the clock.

Our support team are CPA-trained, are certified in relevant accounting software, and are up-to-date with global accounting standards.

The onboarding process for the accounting integrations have options for 2-Minute Express, Advanced or Guided setup. With the Guided setup, the end user will be able to schedule a 1-on-1 video call with one of the Integration Specialists on our support team.

The support extends beyond onboarding and is offered for any questions related to customisations, errors, bank reconciliation, etc. They are available through live chat, help desk and video calls around the clock.

We know you’re busy with other projects on your roadmap and aim to take on the majority of the heavy lifting. We will need to consult with an engineer who has an understanding of your API for a few weeks. Other than that, we handle everything! You’ll be able to get back a tonne of time that would otherwise be spent on building, maintaining and supporting. Instead, you can focus on your core business functions.

No worries! The Amaka for Startups solution is the better option for you.