Square + QuickBooks Online integration

Connect Square + QuickBooks to automatically post a summary of your previous day’s sales for perfectly balanced books.

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Connect Square + QuickBooks Online

Synchronise your sales transactions in minutes with our professional and seamless Square + QuickBook integration.

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Square + QuickBooks Multi locations support
Multiple locations support

Capture sales data coming from multiple Square locations to a single or multiple QuickBooks account files.

Square QuickBooks - Summarised daily sales sync
Summarised daily sales

Summarise into an invoice the whole view of your sales transactions data for easy reconciliation.

Square + QuickBooks historical sync
Historical sync

Back-date your sync for up to 30 days (or longer if required via support) and generate one sales summary invoice per day.

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New sales are processed through Square

Sales and payments data for each order is captured for the sync.

15 Jul
Each Square sale is captured and ready to be synced

All your transactions are automatically fetched and prepared for sync.

15 Jul
Sales can be grouped for easy reconciliation

Square transactions can be summarised in various of formats.

15 Jul
The sync runs every day automatically

You have full control over the sync time.

15 Jul
Your sales summary is inserted in QuickBooks Online

Square transaction data automatically feeds into QuickBooks Online.

16 Jul

Lightning fast reconciliation

Speed up your reconciliation processes with 100% accurate and automatic data entry from Square into QuickBooks Online.

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There is more to life than data entry

Automatically sync daily sales and payments totals to an invoice each day.

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Pricing for Square + QuickBooks

Get started and connect Square + QuickBooks Online for free. You can upgrade your plan and leverage premium features to customise your integration even further at any time.


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  • 1 Integration | 1 store
  • 1 Business tracker | 1 store
  • Unlimited orders/transactions
  • Daily sync

  • Summarised view
  • Detailed view
  • Default mapping
  • Custom mapping
  • Advanced features
  • 1 day back sync

  • 1 : 1 Onboarding on request
  • Unlimited Zoom support
  • Live chat & Help Desk

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/month (Billed annually)

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  • 10 Integrations | Unlimited stores
  • 10 Business trackers | Unlimited stores
  • Unlimited orders/transactions
  • Daily sync

  • Summarised view
  • Detailed view
  • Default mapping
  • Custom mapping
  • Advanced features
  • Cost of Goods (COGS) Sync
  • Up to 12 months historical back sync

  • 1 : 1 Onboarding on request
  • Unlimited Zoom support
  • Live chat & Help Desk

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FAQ about integrating Square with QBO

Yes, you can sync Square data with QuickBooks Online on a daily basis. Our free integration will sync a summary of your previous day’s sales into QuickBooks Online as an invoice. You can back sync data as well.
Yes! We offer a free Square integration with QuickBooks Online accounting software. The free plan is available for 1 store and allows for an unlimited number of sales. You can view the details of our premium plan on our pricing page.
Yes! The Square + QuickBooks Online integration is currently available for users globally.
There are a range of options available. For the 2-Minute Express setup, the integration will automatically map sales and payments from Square into QuickBooks Online by creating the following default accounts. Advanced setup allows for custom mapping. You can also schedule a call with one of our integration experts for the Guided setup. We have a YouTube playlist and a help guide on how to set up the Square + QuickBooks integration on your own.
With the Square + QuickBooks integration, your sales and fees are automatically accounted for with payouts reconciliation. There’s no need to manually match up transactions. In QuickBooks Online, select Banking and then For Review. Select the Recognised filter from the dropdown and find the transaction. From the Action column, select Match so that the transaction is matched in both accounts.
Yes! With the Square + QuickBooks integration, Square fees associated with each transaction are automatically accounted for. This means there are no associated errors when doing bank reconciliation. The integration automatically matches transactions to the bank feed to speed up the reconciliation process.
Yes! Any refunds or returns from Square are tracked by the integration and updated in QuickBooks Online as a negative amount. This includes separate line items with any discounts and shipping fees as a negative amount as well.
You can set when the Square + QuickBooks Online integration runs a daily sync. As a default, it’s set to 3am in your local time. Additionally, you can back sync your data by up to 12 months depending on what plan you’re on. Our support team can help you with this process.
The best way to reach out to our support team is by booking a 30-minute video call support session with one of our experts. This is free regardless of whether you’re on our free or premium plan. You can also reach out to us via our live chat on the website or through our help desk.

Support for Square + QuickBooks integration

square quickbooks online setup guide
Setup guide

Learn how to set up the integration step-by-step in our Square + QuickBooks Online setup guide.

support for square qbo
Help desk

If you have technical issues, our Integration Specialists are ready to help! Visit our Help Desk or book a support session.

Square support

For general enquiries regarding Square, please contact Square support directly.