The Square Balance clearing account for Square + Xero integration


  • Understanding the Square Balance clearing account
  • Editing or deleting Square Balance will cause the integration to fail

Square Balance

Square Balance is an account created automatically by the integration and is used as a clearing account for Square transfers. Daily total card payments are recorded to this account. When Square transfers the payout to your bank account, the integration will create a bank transfer from the Square Balance to the bank account mapped in your integration settings. Other payout transactions, such as Square fees and loan payments will also be recorded in this clearing account.


Square Balance is used to record daily card payments, transfers, Square fee payments and other transfer-related transactions. Please do not edit the account name and account type or delete this account. Making changes or deleting this account will cause the integration to fail.

Edited Square Balance

If you’ve changed or edited this account, you must revert it back to the original account code. Refer to this Xero guide to update the account code.

Archived Square Balance

You need to restore the Square Balance if it has been archived to get the sync back up and running.

Deleted Square Balance

If you’ve deleted the Square Balance account, you need to create a new integration. The new integration will create a new Square Balance account.

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