Square + Xero setup guide

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Connect Square and Xero to start syncing your daily sales transactions.

How it works

Connect Square to Xero to automatically create accounting entries for your daily Square sales.

  • On a daily basis, the integration will sync a summary of your previous day’s sales data from Square into Xero generating an invoice.
  • You can customise your preferred sales summary format choosing between Summarised, Categorised or by Product.
  • Captures all payments transactions including gift cards, tips, tax and Square fees.

Before you start

How to setup the integration

Go to the Amaka Integrations page and click the New Integration button.

  1. Select the Square + Xero integration to start the setup wizard.
  2. Follow the wizard to authenticate your Square and Xero accounts.
  3. Choose your preferred setup method: Express, Advanced or Guided.
  4. Choose the features that you wish to enable:
    : Sync your daily sales transactions into Xero.
    : Allow your customers to pay your invoices through Square.
  5. Choose the invoices breakdown:
    Summarise into one invoice
    : Sales from all activated locations will sync to one invoice.
    Split invoices by location
    : One invoice for each activated location.
  6. Select which locations you want to sync.
  7. Choose your preferred sales invoice format:
    : Sales totals into an invoice including, tips, fees taxes and more.
    : The invoice will have a line item for each category of products sold.
    : The invoice will have a line item for each product sold.
  8. Follow the steps of the wizard and reach the Scheduler setup.

The integration will automatically map sales and payments from Square into Xero by creating the following default accounts:

Square account Account name Account type Code
Square Sales (Taxable) Square Sales (Taxable) Revenue SQ-20000
Square Sales (Tax Free) Square Sales (Tax Free) Revenue SQ-20001
Square Discounts (Taxable) Square Discounts (Taxable) Direct cost SQ-30001
Square Discounts (Tax Free) Square Discounts (Tax Free) Direct cost SQ-30002
Square Surcharges (Taxable) Square Surcharges (Taxable) Revenue SQ-20002
Square Surcharges (Tax Free) Square Surcharges (Tax Free) Revenue SQ-20003
Square Fees Square Fees Expense SQ-30003
Tips Square Tips Current Liability SQ-80000
Gift Card Square Gift Card Current Liability SQ-80001
Adjustment Square Sales (Tax Free) Revenue SQ-20001
Square account Account name Account type Code
Cash) Square Cash Clearing Current Asset SQ-60000
All Other Payment Types Square Other Payment Clearing Current Asset SQ-60002
Refunds Square Refund Payment Clearing Current Asset SQ-60003
Card Payments Square Credit/Debit Clearing Current Asset SQ-60001
Square Gift Card Square Gift Card Current Liability SQ-80001

The advanced setup will allow you to choose your own custom mapping in relation to sales and payments in Square.

Recommended for professional bookkeepers and accountants.

Assisted setup where you can schedule a call with one of our integration experts that will guide you through the setup.

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The scheduler allows you to select the date you want to start syncing Square transactions to your Xero file.

  • The Advanced settings will give you an option to change the timezone. By default, the timezone is set to your browser’s timezone.
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