• How the scheduler works
  • How to edit the scheduler

How it works

The integration sync time is triggered by the scheduler settings. Each sync cycle catches all the transactions processed during the previous trading day.

The scheduler allows you to:

  • Choose the date you want to start syncing your data from (Default value is Today).
  • Choose the preferred time to trigger the sync of data on a daily basis.
  • Back sync your data.

How to edit the scheduler

  1. Sign into the Amaka dashboard.

  2. On the left navigation panel, click Scheduler.

  3. Select the date and time of when you need to start syncing.

  4. Tick the advanced settings checkbox to change your scheduled sync timezone (Optional).

  5. Click Save + Continue.

If you have selected today’s date as your scheduled sync start date, your transactions will not appear in your accounting software until tomorrow.
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