Customising the layout for invoices with MYOB integrations


  • See the layout for fields in MYOB invoices
  • How to customise the layout for invoices

Layout options

You can choose from the Services layout or Services and Items layout based on your business requirements.

  • Services: Allows you to enter a description on each line without columns for items or quantities. Suitable for date-based or professional services businesses that don’t need the quantities or items fields.
  • Services and Items: Allows you to select items or enter a description on each line. Use this layout if you have created items and need to show quantities or hours. With this layout, you can use the Item ID for your inventory items, and provide the quantities and unit price per line item.

Selecting a layout

Follow these steps to choose the default layout that best suits your business needs.

  1. In the top right corner of MYOB, click your business name.

  2. Choose Sales Settings to open the Sales Settings page.

  3. Click on the Layout tab within the Sales settings page.

  4. Select your preferred field layout based on your business requirements.

  5. After choosing the preferred field layout, click on the Save button.

  6. The chosen layout will be used for all your invoices by default. If needed, you can change the layout when entering invoices using the “Field Layout” icon or go back to settings and update.

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