Setting up tracking categories

Pamela Calilung
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Automatically sync tracking categories in Xero based on location, product, or category.

How it works

Set up the tracking categories in Xero to make them available for mapping.

The integration will assign the tracking option for each invoice line item related to sales.

Set up the tracking categories
  1. Sign in to your Amaka integration account.
  2. Click the integration you would like to update and Edit.
  3. On the left navigation panel, click Features and select Advanced setup type.
  4. Click Save + Continue.
  5. Go to Settings → Tracking Categories.
  6. Toggle on the Tracking Option and select the Tracking Category name from Xero on the first dropdown options.
  7. Select from Locations, Products, or Categories from the second dropdown options and then wait for the integration to load.
  8. Map the tracking category options accordingly.
  9. Click Save + Continue.

You can set up up to two tracking categories by selecting options on the 3rd and 4th dropdowns.