Fitbiz heartbeat industry score


  • Interpret the Fitbiz heartbeat industry score

How it works

Your real-time industry benchmark score. This view will help you keep the finger on the pulse of your buisness’ real time performance.

Your benchmark score wil be delivered in the form of a score and average range (Min-Max). The benchmark score will vary between a -100 | +100 range. A label will help you evaluate the status of your current heartbeat (E.g. Good, Poor or Bad.)

Fitbiz’s algorithm will deliver your business’ heartbeat taking into account various factors, including:

  • Orders processing continuity
  • Interval between transactions
  • Industry standard
  • Average transaction value
  • Volume of processed orders by the hour
  • Hourly revenue
  • Previous’ trends comparison
  • …and more

Available insights

  • Business heartbeat current score and range
  • Heartbeat daily comparison

Available filters

  • Day – Week – Month
  • Venue/Location
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