Understanding the order limit and billing cycle


  • Understanding order limits and how to track orders.
  • How the billing cycle works for free trials vs. premium plans.

Adding new integrations, locations and order limits

You can select one of our yearly (discounts applied) or monthly subscription plans that suit your requirements.

  • Premium plan to sync orders up to 500 per month, create up to 2 integrations, and activate up to 2 locations.
  • Premium+ plan for unlimited syncing of orders, integration creation, and location activation.

Track the number of orders

You can track the number of orders synced to your accounting app within your Amaka account.

  1. Sign into the Amaka dashboard.

  2. Click your profile icon at the top right corner of the page.

We track the number of orders synced by consolidating the count from all integrations you’ve set up. The count will also include orders synced by backdating the sync schedule. Any orders included in the failed sync will not be included.

You will be notified once you have reached 80% of limit utilization. Another notification will be sent once you have reached 100% of the limit utilization. Once the threshold is reached, the synchronization process pauses temporarily. It will resume from the point of interruption once the monthly cycle transitions or if you upgrade your plan.

Billing cycle

Free trial

Experience our Premium plan for a full week with no credit card required!

You can also try our Premium+ plan or any of our annual plans to enjoy up to 30% savings! You will automatically receive a 7-day free trial; your card will only be charged after the trial period ends.

If you were on the Premium plan (no credit card required) and choose to upgrade your plan during this 7-day free trial, you will also be charged after the trial period ends.

Premium plans

Once the trial period ends, your selected plan will be billed to your provided card details. To prevent any service disruptions, please ensure your billing information is up to date.

For users who are billed through Shopify, the billing cycle spans 30 days, whereas for other users, it follows a standard monthly cycle.

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