Account not appearing from the dropdown list


  • You may not find the account that you are trying to map from the dropdown list due to the following:
    1. The account type or account category is not relevant to the transaction or payment type.
    2. The accounting app has a particular setting that limits the usage of the account.

Mapping guide

The table below shows the applicable account types for each transaction and payment type.

Transaction type mapping
Source Transaction Type Account Type or Category
Sales Sales, Revenue, Income
Discounts Sales, Revenue, Income
Shipping/Delivery Fee Revenue Sales, Revenue, Income
Service Charges Sales, Revenue, Income
Surcharges Sales, Revenue, Income
Transaction Fees Expenses, Overheads
Chargebacks Sales, Revenue, Income, Expenses, Overheads
Tips Current Liability
Gift Card Current Liability
Balance Adjustments Current Assets, Expenses
Payment type mapping
Payment Type Category
Cash Current Assets
Other Payments Current Assets
Gift Card Current Liability
Exchange Creditt Current Liability

Xero limitation

Only payments enabled accounts in Xero will be available for selection in the payment type mapping.

Enable payments to an account in Xero:

  1. In the Accounting menu, select Advanced, then click Chart of accounts.

  2. Click Add Account and enter the account details.

  3. Select Enable payments to this account.

  4. Click Save.

xero payments

Sage Business Cloud limitation

Sage users must choose the areas where specific nominal ledger accounts are visible.

Setting visibility:

If you can’t see a ledger account in the mapping dropdown, check that it is visible on the type of transaction you are creating.

To enter a transaction in a different area, change the Visibility setting on the ledger account.

  1. From Settings, then Business Settings, choose Chart of Accounts.

  2. Open the ledger account you want to check.

  3. Select the relevant areas in the Visibility section. You can tick Sales, Other Payments and Other Receipts.

  4. Click Save.

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