FitBiz for Shopify setup guide


  • Connect Fitbiz for Shopify and keep track of your business performance with a suite of quick insights straight to your inbox.

How to setup the Fitbiz for Shopify integration

  1. Register or sign in to the Amaka dashboard to get started.

  2. Browse the Business trackers section.

  3. Click the New Business Tracker button and select Shopify + FitBiz from the list to commence the setup.

  4. Sign in to your Shopify account by clicking the Connect new account button underneath Shopify logo. Follow the guided the authentication process to grant all relevant permissions.

  5. Follow the wizard to choose your preferred frequency and the email address where you wish to receive the FitBiz report.

  6. Click Save + Continue to finish the setup.

After completing the setup, the new business tracker will be listed on the Amaka dashboard.

Depending on the frequency that you have selected you will receive your first report the next day (Daily frequency), or the following week on Monday (Daily frequency).

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