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The rise of the Accounting Technologist: Award-winning POP Business on moving towards tech

There's no doubt that all industries have been evolving in response to technology and accounting isn't an exception. In this article, we interview Sidney Cachuela, COO and co-founder of POP Business. The accounting firm has won the Accountants Daily "30 Under 30" Award and has gone from 100 to 800 clients in the past year.

Laura Tien May 17, 2021

The rise of the Accounting Technologist: Future Firm on the three steps to scaling

Recently, we've interviewed a range of firms including RSM, Illumin8 and Ecommerce Accountants, asking them about the rise of the Accounting Technologist role. The role encompasses those at the intersection of accounting and technology, driving innovation in the accounting industry.

Laura Tien March 16, 2021

The rise of the Accounting Technologist: RSM’s digital disruption

One of the biggest feats a multinational company can overcome is staying on top of industry change. RSM is the world's sixth largest professional services network, with over 30 offices, just in Australia. Despite their size, they've been able to keep up with the latest innovations in accounting technology and digital ecosystems.

Laura Tien March 02, 2021

The 6 accounting skills currently in highest demand

Whether you're a junior accounting looking to land one of your first roles or an experienced accountant looking to get ahead in your career, staying on top of high-demand accounting skills will make you significantly more competitive. Today, the modern accountant is expected to to demonstrate a wide variety of skills beyond that of a traditional accountant.

Laura Tien February 05, 2021

The rise of the Accounting Technologist: Illumin8 on becoming tech-first

In the past decade, the accounting profession has undergone a major transformation. Accountants have always been the backbone of businesses, however, the way they're fulfilling that role has changed. From stacks of papers to spreadsheets, and now, cloud-based accounting, technology has become a must in the industry

Laura Tien February 01, 2021

How is automation impacting accounting & bookkeeping?

In today’s fast-developing automation environment, every profession is changing - including accounting and bookkeeping. In fact, the finance industry has always been one of the most dynamic.

Amaka Team June 19, 2020

5 reasons why accountants and bookkeepers should help in choosing software for retail & hospitality clients

It’s no secret that operational efficiency and customer satisfaction are top priorities for any retail or hospitality business. In order to achieve them, business owners have to put in a lot of effort for things to run smoothly, especially when it comes to sales and accounting functions.

Amaka Team May 25, 2020

Amaka Advisors Directory: Accountants and bookkeepers of the technology era

There’s no doubt that technology has been shaping a lot of industries nowadays - and accounting is no different. In fact, due to its complex and ever-changing nature, accountants and bookkeepers have to learn and adapt constantly. We’re fully aware of that, which is why we created our own hub for all accounting and bookkeeping specialists to make keeping up with the industry much easier for everyone involved.

Amaka Team March 18, 2020

How to increase productivity and profitability in your accounting firm

No matter how productive your team is, every accounting firm can only have a certain number of customers. It takes a lot of time and effort to service clients properly, and there are only 24 hours in a day. Additionally, it is often the case that a large portion of work is time-critical due to tax authority deadlines. Sure, you could hire more staff, but wouldn’t it be better to increase productivity and profitability in your accounting firm with the team and resources you already have in place? Here’s how you can achieve that with a few productivity tips.

Amaka Team March 04, 2020