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How to adapt processes to the evolving accounting technology: Interview with aVers

With more accounting technology that help to simplify specific processes than ever, you’ll find that your accounting/bookkeeping firm will need to shift internal processes in order to adapt. No app will be perfect for your existing processes and creating bespoke software is generally too expensive. Instead, you’ll benefit from specializing in key apps from each vertical.

Laura Tien November 10, 2022

Accountants need data engineering and business intelligence skills: Interview with aVers

There’s a growing expectation for accountants to have basic skills in data engineering and business intelligence (BI). Typically, this involves understanding how to pull multiple data points in A to B in real-time and then being able to explain this data to clients. In doing so, accountants help their clients make the most of data apps and integrations.

Laura Tien November 02, 2022

Why you need real-time, reliable data to manage cash flow: Interview with aVers

Real-time, reliable data allows you to manage your cash flow based on what’s happening in the present. Though historical data and future projections are important, current data gives you an upper hand. Accountants and bookkeepers can take advantage of accounting integrations and software that automate the process of gathering and organizing data.

Laura Tien October 12, 2022

Tax software, accounting integrations and tax TikTok: Interview with IncSight

What’s the next big thing in accounting technology and how can we stay on top of it all? With tax law in the US being ever-changing and complex, there’s lots of room for disruption in tax prep and tax planning technology. The complexities have also led to a wave of new information and it’s important for accountants to help clients understand what’s reputable.

Laura Tien July 08, 2022

How top accounting firms choose what industries to target: Interview with IncSight

Being able to narrow down the types of clients your accounting firm services allows you to have more focus and control. It’s important to have a general understanding of the industries your team works the best with. From there, you can start drilling down on specific business sizes and business types that are most suitable for the level of service you want to provide.

Laura Tien June 02, 2022

How successful accountants suggest apps for clients: Interview with IncSight

Whether a client comes to you with existing solutions in place or not, it’s important as an accountant to recommend the right apps for their situation. Take the time to compare apps and trust your experience when suggesting an ideal solution. Most importantly, focus on deep integrations that can accurately automate the flow of data between apps.

Laura Tien May 18, 2022

How accountants should choose their tech stack: Interview with Amplify Advisors

Whether you’re building a tech stack internally for your accounting firm or externally for clients, there are a few key steps to take into consideration. As part of an interview series we’re running with a range of accounting technologists listed on the Amaka Advisor Directory, we spoke to Jamie Smith, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Amplify Advisors.

Laura Tien April 20, 2022

Building a tech stack around your core accounting software: Interview with IncSight

When building a tech stack for your accounting firm, the first step is to start at the core with an accounting software and build out from there with add-ons. Add-ons in general are still underrated by the accounting industry. It’s useful to take a step back every quarter, see what administrative tasks are taking up time and do research to find out what apps can automate these processes.

Laura Tien April 20, 2022

How to improve lead conversion in your accounting firm: Interview with Amplify Advisors

Building efficient processes in your accounting firm with technology can help to improve lead conversion. We go through how speaking to clients about accounting technology in their own language can build rapport and better relationships.

Laura Tien April 04, 2022

How to transition your firm and accountants to tech: Interview with Amplify Advisors

Building a plan to transition your accounting firm, including your clients and entire team, to technology can be difficult. It’s important to take things step-by-step and be comfortable with some trial and error. To ensure that your accountants can implement any new software well, there needs to be a variety of training material available to them.

Laura Tien April 01, 2022