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The 6 accounting skills currently in highest demand

Whether you're a junior accounting looking to land one of your first roles or an experienced accountant looking to get ahead in your career, staying on top of high-demand accounting skills will make you significantly more competitive. Today, the modern accountant is expected to to demonstrate a wide variety of skills beyond that of a traditional accountant.

Laura Tien February 05, 2021

The rise of the Accounting Technologist: Illumin8 on becoming tech-first

In the past decade, the accounting profession has undergone a major transformation. Accountants have always been the backbone of businesses, however, the way they're fulfilling that role has changed. From stacks of papers to spreadsheets, and now, cloud-based accounting, technology has become a must in the industry

Laura Tien February 01, 2021

5 small business accounting trends to take advantage of in 2023

As technology grows and develops, there are more and more small business accounting trends to keep up with. As an accountant, it's important to understand how to take advantage of these changes so that you can provide the best services to clients. For small business owners, you'll want to look for a trusted accounting professional that can make the most of these innovations.

Laura Tien January 29, 2021

How Facebook’s new Pages experience will help small businesses build community

Earlier this month, Facebook started rolling out a new design for Facebook Pages, set to reach all Pages in the coming months. For small businesses, this means new ways to build your brand. The focus is now on building a community. Most noticeably, Facebook has said goodbye to the Like button, favouring followers as a better representation of a Page's reach.

Laura Tien January 19, 2021

How Shopify sellers can leverage psychology and technology together

Many aspects of successful selling on Shopify are closely linked to sales psychology and technology. There are a myriad of different principles and models from psychology that break down the factors that influence purchase decisions. By understanding what motivates people to buy, you can better adjust your strategy for acquiring and retaining customers.

Laura Tien January 18, 2021

How Gen Z will impact small business growth

Are you prepared for the new generation of customers who will change the way you do business?

Laura Tien January 11, 2021

Shopify accounting: 7 tips elite sellers need to know in 2023

Doing bookkeeping and accounting for Shopify can sound daunting or tedious. Fortunately, there are a range of easy steps you can implement now that will save you hundreds of hours and dozens of headaches in the long run. These methods are used by the top Shopify businesses to speed up their processes.

Laura Tien December 30, 2020

Amaka strengthens partnership with Loyverse, releasing the new integration to QuickBooks Online

Amaka announces the new integration with Loyverse POS to QuickBooks Online accounting software. Off the back of the successful Loyverse + Xero integration, Amaka’s global partnership with Loyverse has continued to grow.

Laura Tien September 28, 2020

Myth busters: 6 things you may hear about accounting integrations which are not true!

Guess what, Halloween is coming! There’s a lot of things to be scared of - fortunately, accounting integrations are not one of them.

Due to many misconceptions, it might seem otherwise at first. But, even though software integrations might seem confusing, they don’t have to be terrifying. Especially if you trust experienced professionals to help you set up those integrations or even do it entirely for you.

Laura Tien October 24, 2019