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How to sell subscriptions on Shopify: Best apps, accounting and tips

There are now a massive variety of ways you can sell subscriptions on Shopify as either your main business model or as a supplementary category. However, with subscriptions come unique challenges and considerations. If done right, subscriptions can guarantee your e-commerce business regular cash flow and customer loyalty.

Laura Tien June 27, 2024

The rise of smart returns: How automation can turn returns into a competitive advantage

In this article, we’ve teamed up with ReturnGO to share how you e-commerce businesses can make returns a competitive advantage rather than a loss.

Amaka Team June 13, 2024

Best Shopify + Xero integration: Full comparison

A Shopify to Xero integration can save e-commerce businesses hours of manual accounting work and reduce the number of errors. However, finding the best one for your business can be difficult, especially with so many options to choose from. This guide will help you compare the benefits and considerations of the top solutions on the Xero App Store and Shopify App Store.

Laura Tien May 28, 2024

Maximizing e-commerce profitability: Role of automated chargeback management

In this article, we’ve teamed up with Chargeflow to share how automated chargeback management can increase profitability by reducing chargeback-associated costs.

Amaka Team May 15, 2024

BigCommerce international sales taxes: Guide for e-commerce sellers

Being able to navigate sales taxes is essential for every BigCommerce seller, especially for those who have customers around the world. From the fundamental concept of sales tax to the intricacies of international tax regulations, e-commerce sellers face a myriad of challenges in ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Laura Tien May 03, 2024

Ultimate comparison: Best Shopify to QuickBooks Online integrations

For Shopify merchants using QuickBooks Online to manage their accounting, finding the right integration to connect these platforms is vital. With several accounting integration options available, choosing the best one can be daunting. In this guide, we'll compare some of the top solutions on the market.

Laura Tien April 05, 2024

Pin it to win it: The guide to WooCommerce success on Pinterest

For WooCommerce businesses, unlocking the full potential means tapping into diverse platforms such as Pinterest. With its visually-driven and highly-engaged user base, it stands out as a powerhouse for e-commerce opportunities.

Laura Tien March 06, 2024

How to sell on TikTok Shop as a BigCommerce seller

As a BigCommerce store owner, TikTok can be a crucial part of reaching potential customers and getting ahead of audiences. In this article, we go through how you can link your BigCommerce store with TikTok Shop so that you can sell directly on TikTok. Plus, we’ll go through how to manage your marketing, analytics and accounting.

Laura Tien February 21, 2024

How to leverage eBay’s generative AI tool, ChatGPT and more

In the ever-evolving e-commerce marketplace landscape, eBay's generative AI (artificial intelligence) tool takes center stage. This article will give an overview of how the tool works, how it compares to ChatGPT as well as key guidelines to follow when adopting AI in your business. Finally, we’ll run you through additional automation tools for eBay sellers.

Laura Tien February 07, 2024

Accounting basics for Shopify dropshipping: Data entry, inventory, integrations and more

Bookkeeping and accounting are important to comprehend for Shopify stores using dropshipping. Dropshipping as an e-commerce business model has increased in popularity because it requires minimal inventory requirements. With this, it becomes easier to overlook best practices in your store's accounting.

Kaci Carson January 24, 2024