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Shopify automation: How to automate every aspect of your business

As a business owner utilizing Shopify, workflow automation has many benefits. By automating certain practices you’re able to gain better financial insights through reporting, have more control over your inventory, and take advantage of automation for marketing and customer service. Through leveraging the right tools, you’re able to create opportunities for further efficiency.

Kaci Carson November 15, 2023

The AI-powered store: Transform your e-commerce experience with Squarespace AI

Squarespace AI is new technology that changes the game for all Squarespace store owners. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly popular for business applications. AI tools are shown to have a wide range of capabilities from automating repetitive tasks and providing data insights, to enhancing customer experiences.

Kaci Carson November 06, 2023

Building the definitive tech stack for your Shopify website

Building a Shopify tech stack is one strategy you can implement to drastically improve your business operations. Through choosing the right additional apps and integrations, you’ll be able to optimize your Shopify store significantly. Having apps that enhance functionality, add advanced features, and integrate with other business apps and software saves you time and helps you manage many different aspects of your business. This article will explore key elements you need to build the definitive Shopify tech stack for your business.

Kaci Carson November 01, 2023

How does Shopify pay me? Understanding Shopify payments, payouts and fees

Understanding when you receive your Shopify payouts from and any applicable fees is an important part of managing your e-commerce business finances. Shopify Payments handles payouts to all Shopify merchants. Shopify Payments provides a consistent process for sellers to receive earnings quickly and manage cash flow.

Kaci Carson October 26, 2023

Selling on TikTok Shop with WooCommerce: From getting started to boosting sales

TikTok’s new e-commerce platform, TikTok Shop provides a wealth of opportunity for businesses especially for WooCommerce users. With TikTok’s increasing popularity over the years, gaining over 1 billion monthly active users, the expansion into e-commerce makes it easier than ever for businesses to connect with their customers in a new way. TikTok Shop allows brands to set up shoppable storefronts directly within the TikTok app, providing a new sales channel and exposure to TikTok's user base. By integrating WooCommerce with TikTok Shop, businesses can showcase products in engaging video content and enable seamless on-platform purchasing.

Kaci Carson October 04, 2023

How to use Shopify cash on delivery (COD): Setup, accounting guide, and more

Cash on delivery, or COD, is a payment method that allows customers to pay in cash when their order is delivered. While not as common today as online payments, enabling COD in Shopify gives merchants added flexibility and caters to customers who prefer paying cash. Offering a cash on delivery option can attract buyers who may not have credit cards or don't wish to make an online payment before receiving an order.

Kaci Carson September 28, 2023

Balance sheet, P&L, and cash flow statement: Understanding your e-commerce financial statements

Understanding and tracking your e-commerce financial statements is an important aspect in managing your business finances. In this article, we'll explain what each financial statement shows, how they relate to each other, and most importantly, how analyzing them properly can positively impact your business.

Kaci Carson September 01, 2023

ChatGPT vs. Shopify Magic and Shopify Sidekick: What should merchants choose?

Shopify Magic and Sidekick are powerful tools for e-commerce stores. For employees and businesses alike, the dawn of AI chatbots most notably, ChatGPT, is a prevalent topic of discussion for all industries at the moment. Currently businesses are asking themselves the question, how can we apply the use of AI in our business for day to day tasks?

Kaci Carson August 11, 2023

5 Squarespace extensions every seller needs to manage your e-commerce store

Squarespace’s e-commerce platform offers built-in features to build and customize your own website and also possesses the ability to connect with third-party extensions. This unlocks even more opportunities to aid your business in different areas. By installing extensions, you can automate workflows, access valuable data insights, and provide a smoother experience for customers.

Kaci Carson August 02, 2023

WooCommerce accounting: How to manage multiple payment methods

As an e-commerce store owner using WooCommerce, you likely want to offer customers various payment options at checkout. WooCommerce supports many popular payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets. However, with more payment options comes additional complexity in your accounting procedures.

Kaci Carson July 24, 2023