How to integrate your e-commerce store with MYOB

As an e-commerce business owner, being able to automate manual processes involved with bookkeeping and accounting by using an integration is absolutely essential. That way, you can use your time where it matters most while having the peace of mind that you can make business decisions based on up-to-date, timely financial information.

In this article, we go through how to connect your e-commerce platform or platforms to MYOB. Sales and payments data including fees, taxes, refunds and more are automatically synced to MYOB every day. At the end, we go through how you can get in touch with our highly-rated support team for a walkthrough or to set up an integration for you, 100% free of charge.

Why integrate your e-commerce store with MYOB?

If you’re using MYOB Business for your e-commerce store, you can already take advantage of the invoicing, inventory and reporting capabilities. However, without an integration, you’ll have to manually upload transactions from your e-commerce platform into MYOB and then go through the bank reconciliation process. This could take you up to a few hours every week.

With an accounting integration, transactions are synced into a summarised invoice per day, or into an individual invoice on a per transaction basis. These are then matched to your bank feed automatically so that all you need to do in MYOB is, select Banking, then Bank transactions, click transactions marked as ‘Possible match found’ and then click Save.

MYOB has partnered with Amaka to build accounting integrations for this wide selection of e-commerce platforms.

BigCommerce + MYOB accounting integration

When you use the BigCommerce + MYOB integration, a summary of your previous day’s sales data will automatically be synced to MYOB as an invoice. You start the setup by authenticating both your BigCommerce and MYOB accounts. Then, you can choose your setup method, account mapping and the time you want the sync to run every day.

Those only needing one integration can use our free plan. All payment transactions including fees, tax and gift cards are synced from BigCommerce to MYOB. Transactions are automatically matched to the bank feed so that there’s no need to do bank reconciliation manually. Stop wasting dozens of hours on manual tasks!

The premium plan (USD $12.99, billed annually) allows you to use up to 10 integrations and unlocks premium features. For example, choose to sync each order as a separate invoice or sync all orders as a daily summarised invoice. Additionally, sync your cost of goods sold (COGS) and inventory amounts to track your gross profit and margins.

Shopify + MYOB accounting integration

The Shopify + MYOB integration allows you to automatically sync a summary of your previous day’s sales into a MYOB invoice. Completely automate the data entry process and fast-track reconciliation. To start setting up the integration, authenticate both accounts. From there, you can select the setup method, account mapping and a time for the sync to run each day.

You’re eligible for our completely free plan if you only need one integration. All payment transactions including gift cards, tips, tax and payment fees from Shopify are synced to MYOB. Transactions are automatically matched to the bank feed meaning the bank reconciliation takes just a few clicks.

To get access to up to 10 integrations and premium features, you can use the premium plan (USD $12.99, billed annually). Key features include being able to choose between syncing each order into a single invoice or syncing all orders to a daily summarised invoice. You can sync the cost of goods sold (COGS) and inventory amounts as well.

WooCommerce + MYOB accounting integration

Businesses using WooCommerce as their e-commerce platform of choice can automatically sync their sales and settlements to MYOB with the WooCommerce + MYOB accounting integration. Setup only takes a few steps; authenticate your accounts, choose a setup method, map your accounts, and pick a time for the sync to run daily.

You can choose to use a free plan that allows you to sync up to 60 transactions from one store with default account mapping. Otherwise, the premium plan allows you to use up to 10 integrations with custom mapping. You can also catch up on your books with up to 12 months of historical back sync. Both plans will give you access to unlimited support.

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  • Squarespace + MYOB accounting integration

    E-commerce businesses using Squarespace as their platform and MYOB as their accounting software will be able to use the Squarespace + MYOB integration to automate their data entry processes. To start the setup process, authenticate both accounts, select a setup method, account mapping and choose a time for the sync to run each day.

    If you only need one integration, you’re eligible for the 100% free plan. This allows you to automatically sync a summary of your last day’s dales into a MYOB invoice, including all payment transactions from orders, gift cards, tips, taxes and Squarespace payment fees. The integration will match these to the bank feed automatically to speed up reconciliation.

    You can use the integration on a premium plan to give you access to up to 10 integrations and premium features. For the Squarespace + MYOB integration, you’ll be able to customise the format of your sales summary view, and customise the account mapping for sales and payments. Plus, back sync your data up to 12 months to catch up with your books.

    eBay + MYOB accounting integration

    Businesses that do e-commerce through the marketplace platform, eBay, in Australia can use the eBay + MYOB integration to sync sales and settlements to MYOB. The setup process involves first authenticating your eBay and MYOB accounts and then going through the steps to choose a setup method, account mapping and when the sync will run.

    The accounting integration is available on a freemium model. The free plan allows you to sync one store with the default mapping options. With the premium plan, you can have up to 10 integrations, custom mapping and up to 12 months of your data back synced. Both plans allow you to sync unlimited transactions and access unlimited support.

  • Learn more about the eBay + MYOB integration
  • Start the eBay + MYOB setup process
  • Read the in-depth eBay + MYOB setup guide
  • Square + MYOB accounting integration

    If you’re using Square for your e-commerce store, you can use our official Square + MYOB integration. We’ve partnered with Square to offer all users the premium plan 100% free of charge. Sync all payment transactions into a summarised MYOB invoice each day. This includes gift cards, tips, taxes and payment fees from Square. 

    The integration will also match synced transactions to the bank feed so that the bank reconciliation process takes only a few clicks. With access to the premium features, you’re able to customise your account mapping for Square sales and payments. If you’re behind on your bookkeeping, you can back sync up to 12 months of historical data.

    square myob accounting integration official

    A unique addition to the Square + MYOB integration is the contacts sync. This allows you to sync contacts between Square and MYOB and stay updated on both platforms. Take another responsibility off your plate!

    Get early access to Amazon and Wix

    We have accounting integrations that connect MYOB to marketplaces such as Amazon and other e-commerce platforms like Wix coming soon. You can sign up for early access to these and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready. Of course, our MYOB-certified support team will be there to guide you through the entire process.

    Other MYOB accounting integrations available

    On top of MYOB accounting integrations for e-commerce platforms, we offer a large range of solutions for POS systems, e-signature platforms and more. Notable integrations include Revel + MYOB, Vend + MYOB and Foodbomb + MYOB. Amaka offers integrations to other accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and Xero as well.

    Support for connecting your e-commerce store to MYOB

    Last but definitely not least, if you’re looking for a walkthrough of an integration or want to be guided through the setup process, you can reach out to our support team. Not only are they experienced in MYOB, they all have an accounting background. You can reach out via live chat, through our help desk or book a free 30-minute video call at a time that suits you.

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