Vend + MYOB integration

Highly customisable sales data sync between Vend and MYOB AccountRight.


This integration is 100% free of charge!

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vend + myob integration

Connect Vend and MYOB

Connect Vend and MYOB Account Right Live in just a few minutes with the official sales integration.

Square Multi-venue sales sync
Multi-outlets sync

Sync sales and payment totals as one invoice per outlet or one invoice for all your outlets.

Square detailed sync
Detailed sync

Choose to sync data according to your product or product category mapping.

Square sync scheduler
Time based auto-sync features

Choose when the sync should be triggered to ensure all relevant information is captured.

Square grouped payments sync
Grouped payments

Group payments and sales totals to easily reconcile payment information.

Square sync refunds
Sync refunds

Sync refunds as negative line items on the invoice.

Square sync surcharges and service fees
Synchronise payment types

Sync multiple payment types to accounts of your choice.

New sales are processed through Vend

Sales and payment data for each order are captured for the sync.

30 Mar
Each Vend sale transaction is captured

All your transactions are automatically fetched and prepared for sync.

30 Mar
Sales can be grouped for easy reconciliation

Vend transactions can be summarised in various of formats.

30 Mar
The sync runs every day automatically

You have full control over the sync time.

30 Mar
Your sales summary is inserted in MYOB

Your Vend transaction will be synced automatically into MYOB the following day.

31 Mar

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