Shopify automation: How to automate every aspect of your business

As a business owner utilizing Shopify, workflow automation has many benefits. By automating certain practices you’re able to gain better financial insights through reporting, have more control over your inventory, and take advantage of automation for marketing and customer service. Through leveraging the right tools, you’re able to create opportunities for further efficiency.

Shopify Magic for email and marketing automation

One of the most powerful tools you can use to automate marketing and email campaigns is Shopify Magic. Shopify Magic provides many features that can enable you to easily set up and manage AI-driven features to drive sales and engagement.

For Shopify email marketing automation, Shopify Magic allows you to create emails through Shopify Mail that are AI generated. All you need to do is type in the email subject line and Shopify Magic will create a suggested body of text based on your topic. For example, you can create a Shopify automated email that sends after every purchase by typing in “Thank you for your purchase” as a subject line. You’ll get a body of text on that exact topic that you can use, edit, or regenerate for new suggestions. This makes Shopify Magic an invaluable tool for managing email marketing efforts.

Beyond emails, with Shopify Magic you can also create blog content for your store. Once you’ve chosen your topic and keywords of the blog you want to write, type them into Shopify Magic and you’ll have a blog you can use for your Shopify store. All these features make Shopify Magic a perfect tool to implement in your Shopify marketing automation. With these new features, you’ll be able to focus your efforts elsewhere while still providing an exceptional, personalized experience for your customers.

Accounting automation with Amaka

Accounting automation tools are one of the most important areas you should implement to fully automate your Shopify store. Whether you’re a new or seasoned business owner, having a tool to organize your finances provides you with valuable insights that you can access at any time.

With Amaka’s Shopify accounting integrations you’re able to sync data from Shopify to your accounting software. This data would otherwise need to be entered manually which costs you more time. Because of this, an accounting integration is a tool that makes running your Shopify store a simple process.

How to set up a Shopify accounting integration

Setting up the integration is a process that’s easy to follow. Choose between the 2-Minute Express configuration for default settings or the Advanced configuration for custom mapping. Otherwise, our Guided setup includes a one-on-one Zoom call with our customer support team, who are here to help answer all questions along the way while setting up the integration alongside you.

To set up the integration on your own, follow the steps below:

  1. To get started, register or sign in on the Amaka dashboard.
  2. Click the New integration button then select Shopify + Xero, Shopify + Quickbooks Online, Shopify + MYOB or Shopify + Sage Business Cloud from the integrations options.
  3. Then sign in to your Shopify account by clicking on the Connect new account button underneath Shopify logo. It’s important to go through the guided authentication process for all permissions to be granted.
  4. Following the same steps, proceed to authenticate your Xero account, then click Save + Continue.
  5. Next, choose your preferred setup method, invoice breakdown, invoice format, mapping and scheduler options to complete the integration setup.
  6. Click Save + Continue to finish activating the integration.

How to outsource bank reconciliation

An important area in your accounting processes for any business is managing your reconciliations. This process is critical because it ensures your transactions are accurate, resulting in error-free reporting of your business income and cash flow overall.

With Amaka’s Managed Reconciliation Service, you can outsource the manual process to our team of professionals. This not only helps you save countless hours of your time but also allows there to be accuracy in your reconciliations which will provide a great deal of ease to your Shopify accounting. Book a call to learn more about the Managed Reconciliation Service.

Inventory and order fulfillment automation

To streamline your operations and order fulfillment processes, you can implement several automation tools and services. For inventory management, use Inventory Planner which automatically tracks your stock levels across multiple locations and sales channels. As soon as an item needs to be reordered, Inventory Planner places a purchase order on your behalf.

Shopify Flow is another inventory solution that allows you to customize your automation and create category tags for your inventory giving you insight to stock performance along with reporting features to give you important insights.

Using ShipStation to automate order fulfillment is a simple process for Shopify users. When orders come in, ShipStation will automatically process and ship orders, providing tracking info to customers automatically and recording the shipment in Shopify. This allows for customers to receive automatic shipping confirmations and tracking updates without any work on your end. Shipstation even offers insurance options along with customs clearing for international shipments.

You can also set up automated workflows using Shopify apps that verify orders, collect payments, and complete other steps in the fulfillment process instantaneously. Order processing and fulfillment can now happen seamlessly without you needing to do any manual work. These automation tools allow you to scale your Shopify store by providing you with practical, time saving tools.

Customer service automation

Automating customer service through the use of AI-powered tools can significantly improve response times and free up your staff for higher-level tasks. You can implement automated support using AI powered apps that can answer common questions, provide order status updates, and address other routine customer inquiries. MailO is an AI powered customer service app that integrates with Shopify to provide answers to customer service inquiries, aiding your team in becoming more efficient overall.

Additionally, you can implement software that allows you to create tickets and save frequent responses, allowing you a helpful solution for organizing customer inquiries. Zendesk is the perfect app for this process providing tools specific to Shopify store owners.

Overall, thoughtful customer service automation enables you to deliver quick, personalized support around the clock without endlessly scaling your support staff. Customers get the help they need, when they need it, while you and your team focus on high-priority tasks.

Shopify accounting eBook

Learn how to automate your Shopify accounting and spend less than an hour on your books every month.

Shopify accounting guide

Fraud prevention automation

Protecting your Shopify store from fraud does not have to be a manual, time-consuming process. You can leverage automation to monitor and prevent fraudulent activity in real-time. Implementing automation through integrated apps will enable you to proactively screen orders and customers for indicators of fraud. AI-powered tools can further analyze data like order histories, product patterns, shipping info, and more to detect anomalies.

Seon Fraud Prevention is an app with advanced machine learning technology to automatically detect emerging fraud patterns in real time. It analyzes events and behaviors to identify risky signals and block fraudulent activity in real-time. Kount is another solution for preventing your store from experiencing fraud. This app uses AI to analyze transactions, connectivity, device data, and more to identify and deny fraudulent orders. Kount’s technology learns from patterns to improve its accuracy over time, automating fraud prevention.

These tools learn from past fraud attempts to become even better at prevention over time. You can also use apps to automate security monitoring across your store, sending alerts for risky activity. With the right combination of AI fraud detection, and security monitoring apps, you can stop fraud in its tracks without needing constant oversight. Automated fraud prevention gives you greater visibility into store activity and allows you to operate with confidence, knowing that fraudulent orders will be caught before they become a costly problem.

Key takeaways on a fully automated Shopify store

Shopify workflow automation is the key to scaling and streamlining operations for any Shopify business. There are many useful tools and services available to automate everything from accounting to order fulfillment that help you reduce manual work significantly.

When you automate repetitive tasks like email campaigns, order processing, and customer service, your team is freed up to focus on big-picture strategy and other important tasks that affect your business. While Shopify automation requires some initial setup, the long-term benefits make it well worth the effort.