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Shopify + QuickBooks integration

Integrate your Shopify and QuickBooks Online business accounts to automate your data entry.

  • Choose your format and sync your data as daily sales.
  • Automatically scheduled export.
  • Lightning-fast reconciliation.
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Shopify integration with QuickBooks Online Shopify
QuickBooks Online integration with Shopify QuickBooks Online

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What you can automate

Stop doing it manually! Embrace streamlined efficiency with accounting integrations that perfectly reconcile in your books.

Shopify integration with QuickBooks Online + QuickBooks Online integration with Shopify
Sales summarisation

Option to automatically sync each order into a summarised invoice daily.

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Shopify integration with QuickBooks Online + QuickBooks Online integration with Shopify
Per order sync

Option to automatically sync each order into its own single invoice.

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Shopify integration with QuickBooks Online + QuickBooks Online integration with Shopify
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Syncs your COGS from Shopify by summing up all product costs for orders sold.

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Shopify integration with QuickBooks Online + QuickBooks Online integration with Shopify
Split sales

Detailed sync allows you to track sales by location, category or products.

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Pricing built for businesses of all sizes.

Integrations built in partnership with selected providers, are available 100% Free. Browse list.

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Premium -$60
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per month
Free Trial - 7 Days 7 Days
What's included
Orders/Transactions Up to 60 per month Up to 500 per month Unlimited
Integrations 1 2 Unlimited
Locations/Stores 1 2 Unlimited
Backsync[1] Up to 1 Day Up to 90 Days Up to 365 Days
Business trackers 1 10 Unlimited
Sync features
Sales and payment transactions
Cost of goods sold (COGS)[2] -
Inventory[2] -
Enterprise apps

Revel, Impos and Assignar
The following apps are not included within these plans. Request access and discuss pricing.

- - -
Synchronisation formats
- Summarised
- Per order sync[2] -
- Detailed by category -
- Detailed by product -
Advanced mapping -

The following integrations, built in partnership with selected providers, are available 100% Free of charge: Square + Xero/Sage/Holded, Docusign, Vend, TrackTik, FoodBomb and Dash.

*What counts as transaction?We only count transactions such as the sales processed in the POS/E-commerce/Payment platform. Sale-related fees, refunds, or reimbursements do not count towards your plan's limit.

Pricing shown in USD, excluding any applicable tax.

1. Backsynced transactions will count towards the monthly number of orders/transactions.

2. Available for selected apps.

FAQs on QuickBooks and Shopify

Yes, you can sync Shopify store data to QuickBooks Online (QBO). The first option is by using a free integration like Amaka that can sync all Shopify data. Amaka sync fees, refunds, sales taxes, gift cards and more into appropriate accounts. Data can sync as a single invoice per order or into a summarized daily invoice. It will also fast-track the reconciliation process for Shopify sales and payments.

Without an integration, you could manually enter all online sales and relevant data. Or, you can use an app that syncs data but requires manual sorting/reconciliation. But, these options need you to spend many hours every month doing administrative work.

Yes! We offer a free Shopify integration with QuickBooks Online accounting software. The free plan is available for 1 store and allows for up to 60 orders every month. This is ideal for small businesses.

There are many features to look for in a QuickBooks Online accounting integration. To start, the integration should be able to sync a range of transactions. For example, Shopify orders, Shopify Payments and other payment methods, fees, refunds, gift cards, shipping revenue and more. Next, the integration should automatically match Shopify transactions to payouts the bank feed.

Bookkeeping and accounting can get complicated. Hence, Amaka’s customer support team are CPA-trained and QuickBooks-certified. We are available around the clock.

Finally, you should be able to try before you buy. Amaka’s QuickBooks and Shopify accounting integration is available on a free plan. The free plan includes one location and up to 60 transactions every month. For premium plans, get a 7-day free trial or start on a month-to-month plan before you pay for a whole year.

Over 75,000 business owners and accounting professionals trust Amaka. We’ve garnered over 1,000 5-star reviews. Save dozens of hours on manual data entry and reconciliation. Know that order data, refunds, fees, sales taxes, discounts, gift cards and more are accurate.

Get started on a 100% free plan for one store and up to 60 transactions every month. The free plan allows you to use the default account mapping for sales and payments. We offer premium plans for more than one location and/or larger transaction volumes. Get extra features such as historical data syncing and custom account mapping.

All users can access 24/7 support with our CPA-trained and QuickBooks-certified team. You can choose from live chat, help desk, or a 30-minute, 1-on-1 Zoom call.

There are a range of configuration options available. With 2-Minute Express, the integration will create default accounts in QuickBooks. Then, it will automatically map Shopify sales and payments to these accounts.

The Advanced setup configuration allows for custom mapping. We recommend this to professional accountants and bookkeepers.

For most users, we recommend you schedule a call with one of our Integration Experts for the Guided setup. During the free video call, they will walk you through the entire setup.

To set up the integration on your own, follow the Shopify + QuickBooks Online guide.

The integration accounts for Shopify sales and fees with payouts reconciliation. There’s no need to manually match up transactions to your bank account data. In QuickBooks Online, select Banking and then For Review. Select the Recognised filter from the dropdown and find the transaction. From the Action column, select Match to match the transaction in both accounts. You can read the full guide on how to reconcile Shopify payouts in QuickBooks Online.

Yes! Amaka’s QuickBooks Online integration for Shopify syncs your COGS. It does this by summing up all product costs for orders sold on a particular day. The sync runs daily at your selected time. Please note, other Shopify inventory data will not sync.

Yes! The Shopify integration to QuickBooks accounts for Shopify fees for each transaction. This means there are no associated errors when doing bank reconciliation. The integration automatically matches transactions to the bank feed to speed up reconciliation. No more manual accounting!

Yes! The integration tracks Shopify refunds and returns in QuickBooks as negative amounts. It records discounts and shipping fees in separate line items as a negative amount as well.

You can set when the QuickBooks and Shopify integration runs a daily sync. As a default, it’s set to 3am in your local time. Additionally, you can back sync your historical data by up to 12 months depending on what plan you’re on. Our support team can help you with this process.

The best way to reach our support team is by booking a 30-minute video call support session. They are available around-the-clock to ensure you can find a time that suits you. This service is free regardless of whether you’re on a free or paid plan. No additional charges apply. You can also reach out through our help desk.

Our support team is CPA-trained and QuickBooks-certified. This ensures they can help you get your Shopify accounting running.