Getting started

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Connect your POS or Ecommerce to Xero and start syncing your daily sales transactions.
  • Sales
    • On a daily basis, the integration will sync a summary of your previous day’s sales data into Xero generating an invoice.
    • You can customise your preferred sales summary view choosing from a wide array of formats.
    • Capture all payment transactions including gift cards, tips, tax and payment fees.
    • Easily reconcile your sales and payments in Xero.

Before you start

How to setup the integration

  1. Register or sign in the Amaka dashboard to get started.
  2. Click the New integration button and select the system that you wish to integrate with yoru accounting software.
  3. Authenticate and grant permissions to your account by clicking the Connect new account . Follow the guided authentication process to grant all relevant permissions.
  4. Authenticate your accounting software account following the same procedure, then click Save + Continue.
  5. Follow the wizard to choose your preferred setup method, invoice breakdown, invoice format, mapping and scheduler options to complete the setup of the integration.
  6. Click Save + Continue to finish and activate the integration.

After completing the setup, the new integration will be listed on the app dashboard where you can edit it or start a new one.

Express setup
Every day, an invoice with your daily sales summary will be created into Xero.

The integration will automatically map sales and payments from into Xero by creating default clearing accounts.

Advanced setup
The advanced setup will allow you to choose your own custom mapping in relation to sales and payments in your POS or Ecommerce system.
Recommended for professional bookkeepers and accountants.
Guided setup
Schedule a call with one of our integration experts that will guide you through the setup. Schedule a call now