DocuSign + Xero setup guide

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Overview of DocuSign + Xero integration

  • Connect Docusign and Xero to start syncing your key documents. Every 15 minutes, your Xero documents will be pushed to Docusign, creating an envelope that is automatically sent to recipients for execution.
  • This integration is 100% free of charge.

How to set up DocuSign + Xero integration

  1. Register or sign in to the Amaka dashboard to get started.

  2. Click the New integration button and select DocuSign + Xero from the integrations list to commence the setup.

  3. Sign in to your DocuSign account by clicking the Connect new account button underneath DocuSign logo. Follow the guided authentication process to grant all relevant permissions.

    As part of the authentication process, you will need to select whether you would like the integration to be run on Docusign’s Demo or Production API.
  4. Authenticate your Xero account following the guided authentication process, then click Save + Continue.

  5. Select the Xero document types that you would like to integrate and then click Save + Continue.

  6. Customise the integration for your Xero documents, by selecting from a range of signers, envelope-specific settings and notifications.

  7. Activate the integration and the sync will start running after 15 minutes.

Xero document statuses

There are only certain statuses that trigger the sync. For example, if an invoice has “Awaiting Approval” status, the integration will integrate this document to Docusign and then Docusign will send the envelope to the signatories. However, if an invoice is in draft status, Amaka will not trigger Docusign to send the envelope to the signatories.

Below are the specific statuses for each document that triggers the sync and the changes in the status when an envelope has been signed, declined, voided, and deleted.

Xero Document Trigger Status Change Status (Completed Signature) Change Status (Declined/Void/Deleted)
Invoice Awaiting Approval Awaiting Payment Draft
Quote Accepted None None
Bill Awaiting Approval Awaiting Payment Draft
Purchase Order Awaiting Approval Approved None
Expense Claim Approved None None

FAQ on how to set up DocuSign + Xero

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about this integration.

The integration supports Xero Standard/Growing and Plus/Established (including free trial for both) plans. For DocuSign, Standard, Business Pro, and Enhanced (except free trial accounts) plans are supported.

Yes, the options to add multiple signers and arrange signing orders are available within the Amaka integration setup.

Yes, you must have the right fields and they should be equal to the number of signers you need to assign.

No, the template should have an equal number of fields to the number of signers.

The integration will automatically update the status of the Xero document and insert key events in the execution process under the ‘History & Notes’ section. The Certificate of Completion and Signed Document will be attached to the Xero document.

Yes, just go to your Amaka account and go to the Sync History tab. There is a Resync button that will trigger the envelope to be sent again. Previous signatures will no longer appear on the resync.

If the first sync hasn’t been completed yet and it is the first time to change the Xero document status, yes. However, if there was an initial change to the Xero document status as a result of prior completion, the status will remain the same.

They will receive the envelope and the same time.

The integration will send the envelope to the first signer and then to the next signer assigned to 4, even if there is a gap on the Signing Order.

Here is the guide provided by DocuSign

You need admin access to the DocuSign account. On the Settings tab, navigate to the left panel and click Signing Groups under Users and Groups. Click the button Add Signing Group and insert the relevant information and users.
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