DocuSign + Xero accounting integration

Automatically sync key documents between DocuSign and Xero to automate the execution process.

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DocuSign + Xero integration

DocuSign has partnered with Amaka to support its customers with an integration that will automate the document execution for key Xero files.

Document sync

The document sync module will automatically fetch documents from Xero, push them into DocuSign for execution by the relevant contact, and finally update the status in Xero once executed. The executed document will be attached as a PDF within the respective Xero files.

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InvoiceNew EnvelopeFinalized Document
BillNew EnvelopeFinalized Document
Purchase OrderNew EnvelopeFinalized Document
Expense ClaimNew EnvelopeFinalized Document
QuoteNew EnvelopeFinalized Document
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Designed and certified by CPAs

Our accouting integrations are designed by professional CPAs, tax advisors and certified Xero experts.

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Key documents are fetched from Xero

The document sync module runs every 15-minutes.

Document is pushed into DocuSign

An envelope is created and sent to the relevant contact/s.

Status in Xero is updated once executed

Status can be Awaiting Payment, Approved, Draft or None.

Executed document attached in Xero files

The Certificate of Completion and Signed Document will be attached as a PDF.

Sync is complete and ready for the next cycle

We monitor and verify to ensure 100% accuracy.

Xero connected app

Amaka is trusted Xero partner. Connect your Xero account and start automatically syncing your key documents.

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FAQ on integrating DocuSign and Xero

Yes, you can sync key documents from Xero to DocuSign for execution and before it’s synced back to Xero. Our free and official integration will run the sync every 15-minutes to automate your execution process.
Amaka’s DocuSign + Xero accounting integration supports DocuSign’s Standard, Business Pro, and Enhanced (except free trial accounts) plans. Xero’s Standard/Growing and Plus/Established (including free trial for both) plans are supported.
Yes! The official DocuSign integration with Xero accounting software is 100% free of charge.
Yes! The DocuSign + Xero integration is currently available for users globally.
You can set up the integration by following the steps in the DocuSign + Xero setup guide. If you need some extra guidance, you can book a free 30-minute support session where one of our experts can walk you through the entire process.

Support for DocuSign + Xero integration

docusign xero integration setup guide
Setup guide

Learn how to set up the integration step-by-step in our DocuSign + Xero setup guide.

docusign xero guide
Help desk

If you have technical issues, our Integration Specialists are ready to help! Visit our Help Desk or book a support session.

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DocuSign support

For general enquiries regarding DocuSign, please contact DocuSign support directly.