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Docusign + Xero integration

Integrate your DocuSign and Xero business accounts to automate your data entry.

  • Get Xero documents signed in DocuSign.
  • Set automated prompts to contacts.
  • Automate the document execution process.
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DocuSign integration with Xero DocuSign
Xero integration with DocuSign Xero

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What you can automate

Stop doing it manually! Embrace streamlined efficiency with accounting integrations that perfectly reconcile in your books.

DocuSign integration with Xero + Xero integration with DocuSign
Key Xero documents

Automatically fetch invoices, bills, quotes, purchase orders and expense claims every 15-minutes.

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DocuSign integration with Xero + Xero integration with DocuSign
DocuSign envelope

Envelopes are automatically created and sent to relevant contact/s.

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DocuSign integration with Xero + Xero integration with DocuSign
Xero status

Status in Xero is updated once documents are executed.

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DocuSign integration with Xero + Xero integration with DocuSign
Documents attached

The Certificate of Completion and Signed Document will be attached in Xero as a PDF.

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Document sync

Invoice arrow sync invoice New Envelope arrow sync new envelope Finalized Document
Bill arrow sync bill New Envelope arrow sync final document Finalized Document
Purchase Order arrow sync purchase order New Envelope arrow sync po envelope Finalized Document
Expense Claim arrow sync expense claim New Envelope arrow sync docusign xero Finalized Document
Quote arrow sync quote New Envelope arrow sync documents Finalized Document

Yes, you can sync key documents from Xero to DocuSign for execution and before it’s synced back to Xero. Our free and official integration will run the sync every 15-minutes to automate your execution process.

Amaka’s DocuSign + Xero accounting integration supports DocuSign’s Standard, Business Pro, and Enhanced (except free trial accounts) plans. Xero’s Standard/Growing and Plus/Established (including free trial for both) plans are supported.

Yes! The official DocuSign integration with Xero accounting software is 100% free of charge.

Yes! The DocuSign + Xero integration is currently available for users globally.

You can set up the integration by following the steps in the DocuSign + Xero setup guide. If you need some extra guidance, you can book a free 30-minute support session where one of our experts can walk you through the entire process.