Five reasons to add POS integrations to your hospitality business’ workflow

Point of sale (POS) systems drastically change the way businesses around the world operate. Hospitality businesses are no longer using traditional methods to track their daily revenue, and are instead turning to POS options to access data around payments, labor, and product performance. With POS come spectacular integrations to make your life even easier. Integrations give users the ability to combine external software services with their own POS software, saving businesses and employees both time and money.

Here are just a few reasons why POS integrations are beneficial for your hospitality business:

Accounting integrations for the hospitality industry

POS integrations are completely up to the businesses operating them. Businesses can pick and choose the integrations that work best for them. Accounting integrations, for example, allow businesses to sync data around things such as bookkeeping, sales, returns, payroll information, and more. These sorts of metrics are easily exported, meaning that you won’t have to sift through documents or wait for information to load, giving you more time to focus on your business instead of worrying about data.

Popular accounting integrations for hospitality businesses:

Organized workflow for your business

Too often, cafes, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses have several software subscriptions, all just as important as the other. Integrating these offerings eliminates the need to go from one piece of software to the next, and instead gives businesses the power to reach all its information in an easy way. Once you have added your integrations, your business can run smoothly, without you needing to learn about each different necessary software program.

Increased accuracy to increase efficiency

An inefficient business is not a successful one. If you decide to add a new product to your business, that flows into your integrations, including accounting integrations. Instead of changing all the information on your POS system and your accounting software, you can easily add an accounting integration to your POS system and have accurate data and information at your fingertips.

You can also connect yout POS system to Excel or Google Data Studio to get a suite of reports and smart insights. Popular business trackers include:

Reduced human error

Businesses can decrease the number of errors made once all the different pieces come together. Instead of trying to manage all the parts of the puzzle, business owners can rest easy knowing that everything can be dealt with in the one place, leaving little room for error. We all sometimes make errors (it’s what makes us human!), so it’s good to have a system that can communicate with another. Manually integrating your accounting software into your POS system can result in mistakes, which directly affects your business.

More time for you

Gone are the days where you have to spend hours compiling all the information from various software into one streamlined spreadsheet. Limit the amount of time you and your employees spend each day, week, or month trying to gather all the necessary data by combining it all into one POS system with added integrations. And with accounting integrations that syncs remotely, you won’t even have to do much to get it up and running.

Besides the obvious benefits of POS integrations (such as saving time and money), there are so many other advantages of centralizing your hospitality business’s efforts, such as the ones above. Accounting integrations are particularly powerful, as data around revenue can easily be inaccurate. This can lead to other information being incorrect, which instantly changes the way you prepare for future sales.