Revel + Xero integration

Connect your Revel POS and Xero to synchronise sales, purchase orders and payroll data automatically.

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Integrate and automate with Revel Xero integration

Sync sales, purchase orders and payroll data, integrating your Revel POS system and Xero accounting software.

Revel Multi-venue sales sync
Multi-venue sync

Sales totals from multiple establishments to a single or multiple Xero account files.

Xero per-order sync invoices
Per-order sync

Choose to sync by order and generate one invoice for every sales record in Revel.

Summarised revel sales sync
Summarised sync

Sum all your daily sales into one invoice for easy reconciliation processes.

Gift cards Xero sync
Gift cards

Gift Cards and other custom payment types of your choice supported.

Revel Product filter sync
Revel product filters

Map sales to accounts according to the Revel product filters of your choice.

Tracking categories sync in Xero
Xero tracking categories

Create categories according to Revel product filters and apply them to sales transactions.

Revel + Xero integration features

Choose how to connect your Revel POS and Xero account. Our integration specialists are also ready to demonstrate you all the capabilities of this integration. Book a free demo session →

Grouped payments

Multiple Revel establishments’ sales to a single Xero account file.

Sync sales to accounts

Product filters supported: By establish ment, by product class, by product category, by product sub-category, by product.

Sync by totals

Totals (e.g. total sales, total service fees, total discounts, product totals)

Sync what you need

Sync sales by order, include payment types and payouts.

Gift cards

Gift Cards and other custom Revel payment types.

Scheduled time

Set the sync time period according to the business hours of trade and the establish ment time zone.

Tracking categories

Create tracking categories in Xero according to Revel product filters and apply these to sales transactions (e.g. Establishment, Product Class, Product Category, Product sub-category, product).

Exisitng tracking categories

Apply pre-existing tracking categories in Xero to Sales transactions synchronised from Revel.

Revel + Xero invoice formats

When connecting Revel and Xero, you can choose amongst a range of invoice formats to suit your needs.

Sales totals

Sales totals, total discounts, total service fees.

Product totals

Products sold totals.

Product category

Total value of sales corresponding to each product category.

Product sub-category

will sync sales according to the total value of sales corresponding to each product sub-category.

Product class

Product class total value.

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Automatically send sales and payment data from your Revel POS system in a range of formats. Easily map sales and payment data to the accounts of your choosing.

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