Square + MYOB Setup guide

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How to create an Amaka account?
  1. Go to https://app.amaka.io
  2. Sign up
  3. Enter User Details
  4. A verification code will be sent to your email address to verify your account
  5. After verifying your account, you will be directed to the Amaka Settings
How to create a new integration?
  1. Go to Integrations page and click on New Integration
  2. Select the integration type, Square-MYOB AccountRight or Square-Myob Essentials.
  1. Go to Integrations page and click on New Integration
  2. Select the integration type, Square-MYOB AccountRight or Square-Myob Essentials.
  1. Log in to your Square account and choose which store to connect, enter the account name and timezone.
  1. Log in to your Myob account and choose which Company file to connect, enter the account name and timezone.
  1. Click on next to create the integration.
How to set up the integration?

General Setting

MYOB AccountRight

MYOB Essentials

  1. Due in – Invoice due date
  2. Invoice Breakdown
    1. Summarize into one invoice
    2. Split invoices by location – for multiple stores, sync invoices by location
  3. Invoice Contact – Refers to the name that will be inserted into the invoice as a customer contact. If invoices are split by location, customer contact will be the same as the store name in Square.
  4. Select which locations you want to sync
  5. For MYOB Essentials, you have to select which MYOB file to use.
  1. Map POS Accounts (Basis) – these accounts are all required, you will need to map everything to save the changes.
  2. Invoice Format
    1. Summary – the invoice will have 2 line items for sales in the sales invoice. One for taxed items and one for GST free items.
    2. Categorized
      1. By Product – the invoice will have a line item for each product sold.
      2. By Category – the invoice will have a line item for each category.
  3. Enable Fallback to Default Sales Account – when this toggle is on, any unmapped category or product will sync to the default sales account. If this is off and there products or items which are not mapped, the invoice will not sync. This toggle should also be enabled when:
    1. there are deleted items
    2. there are categories or items with space after the name, e.g “Food “
  1. Capture payments as negative amounts → Payments will sync on the invoice as negative line items. If this is on, you will need to set the default tax type which is Not Reportable.

  1. Please note that for MYOB Essentials, payments will always sync as negative line items on the invoice due to the following limitations:
    1. Myob Essentials allows payments only to bank and credit card accounts. By syncing payments as negative line items on the invoice, the integration will be able to sync payments to non-bank and non-credit card accounts such as clearing accounts and gift card liability account.
    2. To handle refunds.
    Tax Type

    Map the tax types for each POS accounts to the tax types in Myob


    Tracking Options → Map your sales by product, category or location in Square to Jobs in Myob.


    Overrides are required where additional taxes have been created in Square to accommodate other charges such as ‘Surcharges’ (e.g. Weekend / Holiday surcharges).

    f a tax has been created for this purpose then the field should be mapped as “Use as surcharge”.

    For any other Square taxes that have been mapped correctly in the tax types settings page to their corresponding MYOB tax type, these fields should be mapped as “Default behaviour.”

    If there are any other taxes that exist in your Square account that should be ignored (e.g. taxes that may have been created but are not actively being applied to products), these taxes should be set to “Ignore Tax.” Please note we are currently unable to support compound taxes such as WET.


    The last step is setting the scheduler.

    1. Start Date – select the date of the first invoice you want to sync.
    2. Sync Date – This is the date and time that the sync will first run. Sync date should always be after 24 hours or later of the start date.
    3. E.g. I want to sync from November 1st. I’m trading from 8 AM to 5 PM and I want to sync the invoice on the following day. I will select November 1st as start date and the time should be anytime before 8 AM. Sync date should be after 24 hours or later.

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