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Accounting basics for Shopify dropshipping: Data entry, inventory, integrations and more

Bookkeeping and accounting are important to comprehend for Shopify stores using dropshipping. Dropshipping as an e-commerce business model has increased in popularity because it requires minimal inventory requirements. With this, it becomes easier to overlook best practices in your store's accounting.

Kaci Carson January 24, 2024

Essential digital skills accountants need in 2024

The accounting field is undergoing a transformation where the necessary technical skills for accountants are evolving. New technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing are changing how accountants and accounting firms work. This shift towards digitization means accountants need to expand their digital skills to stay relevant in the upcoming years.

Kaci Carson January 11, 2024

E-commerce trends businesses need to apply to stay ahead of the curve in 2024

Advances in technology have a direct impact on the trending software and platforms used by e-commerce professionals or 2024. To remain competitive and to stand out in the industry, it’s important to understand previous and current movements in the e-commerce industry.

Kaci Carson January 04, 2024

The AI-powered accounting firm: Adopting AI in 2024

In the past year AI has had a major influence on many different industries and you may be wondering how artificial intelligence impacts the accounting industry? In 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming businesses across all industries by automating processes and revealing important insights from data. For accounting firms in particular, adopting AI tools and solutions is now a means for remaining competitive.

Kaci Carson December 13, 2023

Intuit vs. Amaka: Which is the best Square and Quickbooks integration

A Square to QuickBooks Online accounting integration has the ability to sync data to provide you with up-to-date financial information. Choosing the right option that compliments your business is invaluable in the process of streamlining your accounting and finance tasks.

Kaci Carson November 24, 2023

Shopify automation: How to automate every aspect of your business

As a business owner utilizing Shopify, workflow automation has many benefits. By automating certain practices you’re able to gain better financial insights through reporting, have more control over your inventory, and take advantage of automation for marketing and customer service. Through leveraging the right tools, you’re able to create opportunities for further efficiency.

Kaci Carson November 15, 2023

The AI-powered store: Transform your e-commerce experience with Squarespace AI

Squarespace AI is new technology that changes the game for all Squarespace store owners. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly popular for business applications. AI tools are shown to have a wide range of capabilities from automating repetitive tasks and providing data insights, to enhancing customer experiences.

Kaci Carson November 06, 2023

Building the definitive tech stack for your Shopify website

Building a Shopify tech stack is one strategy you can implement to drastically improve your business operations. Through choosing the right additional apps and integrations, you’ll be able to optimize your Shopify store significantly. Having apps that enhance functionality, add advanced features, and integrate with other business apps and software saves you time and helps you manage many different aspects of your business. This article will explore key elements you need to build the definitive Shopify tech stack for your business.

Kaci Carson November 01, 2023

How does Shopify pay me? Understanding Shopify payments, payouts and fees

Understanding when you receive your Shopify payouts from and any applicable fees is an important part of managing your e-commerce business finances. Shopify Payments handles payouts to all Shopify merchants. Shopify Payments provides a consistent process for sellers to receive earnings quickly and manage cash flow.

Kaci Carson October 26, 2023

Accounting hygiene: Maintaining the general ledger for e-commerce businesses

A general ledger is a critical component of business accounting. It is the main ledger that summarises all transactions and financial events for a company. The general ledger provides a comprehensive record of all debit and credit account balances, which are used to generate important financial statements. For small businesses, maintaining your general ledger is crucial for managing finances and having visibility into the health of your operations.

Kaci Carson October 11, 2023