Amaka’s first “Business trackers” set to transform data access for SME business owners

Amaka expands its reporting suite of products, broadening its business automation tools for SMEs.

Global POS and e-commerce vendors’ elite trust Amaka to design, deliver and support their key accounting integrations. Amaka continues to deliver 5-star rated solutions, gaining the title of having the “gold standard in accounting integrations”.

Working with thousands of merchants, Amaka has identified a clear gap. SME merchants do not have access to sophisticated and timely reporting. Reporting functionality is often clunky, irrelevant and too hard to consume and understand by business owners. Amaka is filling this gap with a disruptive business trackers suite, aimed at business owners that want to make data driven decisions.

Ask thousands of retail and hospitality business owners the question and a clear pattern will emerge, they want to quickly see how their business is tracking. Data fed to them automatically, easy to understand and providing real insights. Simple.

We are set to transform the reporting, currently being considered a one-size-fits-all user profile to a suite of smart Business Activity Trackers”, said Amaka CEO – Pedram Afshar.

Reports are not straight to the point and SME business owners notoriously don’t have an abundance of time. Vendors throw tons of fragmented data into a bucket and leave them puzzling the pieces together, while browsing through multiple analytics views or even worse, DIY drag and drop interfaces.”, continued Amaka COO, Francesco Martella.

AI-driven weather-related trends, volume of transactions by the hour, time of day revenues breakdown and sales comparison tracking are just some of the smarts that SMEs will be able to leverage. An array of achievements to unlock will be part of the tracking suite, as a method for adjusting the businesses KPIs in a fluid way.

In the course of the next few weeks, Amaka will introduce a new fully-fledged suite of business activity trackers, easily accessible across multiple mediums.”This will be a game changer” commented Pedram Afshar.

SME will have access to free and premium versions of three drill-down business trackers.

  • FitBiz email – AI-driven daily digest of smart business activity tracking views.
  • Google Data Studio – 1-minute setup, templated suite of reports designed by industry leaders.
  • Deep view – A flexible set of data delivered in excel format.

Vend, Lightspeed, Square, Revel and Shopify customers will be the first ones to have access to Amaka’s business tracking suite in APAC, UK and North America.