Show POS sales on GST report for MYOB integrations


  • MYOB integrations use the accrual basis of accounting.
  • Generate a GST report showing the GST from the sales on your POS system.

Data synced by the integration reflects on the accrual basis GST reporting. The integration pushes sales into an invoice with a zero total. Invoices with Closed status, are excluded from the cash accounting method.

Please consult your tax advisor or accountant before activating the integration if you are on a cash basis accounting method.

You can also read this helpful article from MYOB on changing your accounting basis.

Generating the GST report

To show GST from your POS system:

  1. Log into MYOB.

  2. At the top menu, go to Reporting and then Reports.

  3. Under Business, choose GST report.

  4. Select the date range and make sure Accrual is selected as the accounting method.

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