Foodbomb + MYOB setup guide

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Overview of Foodbomb + MYOB integration

The Foodbomb + MYOB integrations is only available for Foodbomb customers in Australia.

Connect Foodbomb and MYOB to start syncing your daily order as bills in MYOB.

  • Orders sync
    • The integration will fetch all the completed order at the end of each trading day from Foodbomb, and generate a bill in MYOB.

How to set up Foodbomb + MYOB integration

  1. Register or sign in to the Amaka dashboard to get started.

  2. Click the New integration button and select Foodbomb + MYOB from the integrations list to commence the setup.

  3. Sign in to your Foodbomb account by clicking the Connect new account button underneath the Square logo. Follow the guided authentication process to grant all relevant permissions.

  4. Authenticate your MYOB account following the same procedure, then click Save + Continue.

  5. Follow the wizard to choose your preferred configuration method, mapping and scheduler options to complete the setup of the integration.

  6. Click Save + Continue to finish and activate the integration.

If you have selected today’s date as your scheduled sync start date, your bills will not appear in MYOB until tomorrow.

Configuration methods

At the beginning of your setup wizard, you’ll be able to choose your preferred configuration method from the options listed below.

Express configuration

The integration will automatically apply mapping settings from Foodbomb into MYOB by creating the following default accounts:

Accounts mapping
Trasaction Types Default MYOB Account Default MYOB Account Type
Product Purchases Foodbomb Product Purchases Cost of Sales
Coupon Discount Foodbomb Coupon Discount Income Income
Payment Fees Foodbomb Payment Fees Expense
Adjustments Foodbomb Coupon Discount Income Income
Payment mapping
Payment Type Default MYOB Account Default MYOB Account Type
Card Payment Foodbomb Card Clearing Other Current Liability
Zip Foodbomb Zip Clearing Other Current Liability
BombPay Foodbomb BombPay Clearing Other Current Liability
Advanced setup

The advanced setup will allow you to choose your own custom mapping and browse advanced settings.

Recommended for professional bookkeepers and accountants.
Guided setup

Schedule a call with one of our Integration Specialists that will help you decide on the best configuration method for you and guide you through the setup.

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