5 Squarespace extensions every seller needs to manage your e-commerce store

Squarespace’s e-commerce platform offers built-in features to build and customize your own website and also possesses the ability to connect with third-party extensions. This unlocks even more opportunities to aid your business in different areas. By installing extensions, you can automate workflows, access valuable data insights, and provide a smoother experience for customers.

In this post, we’ll highlight five must-have extensions for Squarespace stores across the key areas of accounting, sales tax, customer reviews, and shipping. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to level up your existing store, these Squarespace extensions can save you time and help your ecommerce business thrive.

Squarespace Extensions for Squarespace Commerce

You may be familiar with Squarespace as a platform for building and customizing websites often used for blogs, or to showcase professional portfolios. Squarespace Commerce is specifically designed for e-commerce businesses, allowing users to showcase and sell their products or services online.

The Squarespace Extensions marketplace is also available to all e-commerce stores and has a curated selection of third-party applications, also referred to as apps, plugins, or integrations, that are handpicked and approved by Squarespace themselves.

These extensions complement and enhance Squarespace e-commerces stores, offering users a wider range of customization and integration options tailored according to specific needs. These extensions can cover various aspects, including marketing tools, analytics, shipping, customer support, and more. By utilizing Squarespace Extensions, users can unlock a wide array of benefits.

Squarespace accounting integrations

Manually entering data from Squarespace into your accounting software can be both a tedious and time-consuming task. Accounting integrations automate this process to save you significant time and effort.


  • 100% free plan available
  • Premium plan starts at USD$12.99/month

Use Amaka to seamlessly integrate Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks Online with Squarespace in a matter of minutes. You can automatically sync a range of payment types such as sales, discounts, shipping revenue, Squarespace fees, gift cards and more into the relevant accounts.

By eliminating manual data entry, accounting integrations give Squarespace users a more automated, accurate and efficient accounting process. Integrating Squarespace with your accounting software is a simple process that can be done in minutes using our Express Setup option. Here’s an example of how to setup the Squarespace + Xero integration:

  1. Begin by registering or signing into the Amaka dashboard.
  2. Click on the New integration button and from the list of integrations, select Squarespace + Xero to start the setup.
  3. Under the Squarespace logo, click the Connect new account button to sign in to your Squarespace account. Follow the guided authentication process to grant all necessary permissions.
  4. Authenticate your Xero account using the same procedure as before and then click Save + Continue.
  5. Follow the wizard to select your preferred setup method, mapping, and scheduler options, thus completing the integration setup.
  6. Finally, click Save + Continue to complete the setup and activate the integration.

Sales tax automation apps

Navigating sales tax as a business can often become complicated, as each country and region have a different set of rules that e-commerce businesses must adhere to. With a sales tax automation extension, you’ll be able to handle important practices involving your business tax simply.


  • Starting at USD $19/month

The tax automation extension Avalara provides accurate calculations for different tax jurisdictions based on the locations you sell to, making this an invaluable tool for businesses who sell to multiple regions and countries.

Avalara supports complex requirements like evidence thresholds, exemption certificates, and invoicing rules. It can automate sales tax filings and payments. It also houses features like taxability determinations and retail inventory tracking. By seamlessly integrating tax calculations, Avalara saves Squarespace e-commerce businesses significant time and ensures compliance in tax reporting.


  • Starter plan is available at USD $19/month

TaxJar is another extension which automates sales tax reporting for Squarespace. It accurately calculates local sales tax rates, supports tax-exempt sales, and nexus thresholds for US users. TaxJar can also sync tax data with your accounting software and generate reports required for filing sales tax returns. It also has the ability to submit returns and payments on your behalf.

By handling complicated sales tax calculations and compliance requirements, TaxJar enables users to save time and ensure accuracy making it an exceptional option to use to support your businesses financial practices.

Customer reviews extension

As a business owner, you’re aware of how crucial customer experience and feedback is. It not only has an impact on your current sales but can also have an impact on your repeat customer rate, affecting future sales. Delivering excellent customer experiences is one key factor in ensuring success for your e-commerce store.


  • Access to a free plan is available
  • Professional plan starting at USD $224/month

Delighted makes it easy for Squarespace merchants to measure and improve customer satisfaction. This extension sends targeted surveys to collect detailed product reviews and feedback.

Delighted organizes customer feedback data into actionable reports to identify weaknesses and growth opportunities. The extension provides tools for customization, so you can tailor questions to your products and customers.

By actively listening to customers and responding to reviews, you can refine product offerings, improve service, and build brand loyalty. Delighted offers a suite of features to help Squarespace store owners consistently deliver satisfying customer experiences that drive referrals and repeat business.

Shipping management apps

By using a shipping management solution, you’ll be able to have all your company’s shipping information in one place, streamlining your processes through automation that would otherwise require manual entry.  Squarespace extensions for shipping management have the ability to manage all orders from the time an order is placed to when it’s shipped, to its fulfillment. They can even assist in helping you find the best shipping rates for your store’s orders, making it an invaluable tool for all e-commerce stores.


  • Professional plan starting at USD $10/month

With an app solution like Shippo, Squarespace businesses can save time on fulfillment, reduce errors, and provide exceptional delivery experiences. You’re able to connect your Squarespace store with top carriers like UPS, FedEx and USPS for discounted rates.

You’re also able to automate the creation of shipping labels and tracking information right from Squarespace orders. You can incorporate custom packaging, branded tracking pages, and automated messages to customers. Shippo also enables easier returns processing and inventory syncing across sales channels.


  • Starting at USD $9.99/month

ShipStation is another Squarespace app that helps to optimize your e-commerce shipping operations. It has the ability to integrate with Squarespace to automate order processing, shipping label creation, tracking, and returns.

ShipStation provides competitive shipping rates to boost profit margins. Robust automation and workflows streamline order fulfillment so you can scale efficiently. With ShipStation’s operating system and mobile apps, you have the visibility and tools needed to manage inventory, print labels, and track shipments from anywhere.

With this in place, ShipStation has the ability to aid Squarespace sellers deliver exceptional customer experiences while saving time and money on fulfillment costs.

Key takeaways for selling on Squarespace

The extensions highlighted in this article demonstrate how you can expand the capabilities of your Squarespace store to drive greater success. Using extensions such as Amaka, TaxJar, Delighted, Shippo, and ShipStation have the ability to provide impactful automations for key operations in the areas of accounting, tax compliance, customer satisfaction, and shipping.

As you look into extensions for your store, consider which areas require the biggest time investment or bottlenecks. Investing in the right extensions tailors your Squarespace store to your products, customers, and KPIs helping you deliver valuable sales to take your business to the next level.