How a simple DocuSign integration helps Autonomate give time back to clients and teams

Autonomate is passionate about making business easier for its customers. Based in the UK, the organisation provides and manages customised Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services to make organisations more cost and time efficient.

While it started as an IT support business with a small amount of RPA work, demand quickly skyrocketed as clients recognised the value of its automation solutions, to the point where Autonomate became its own entity.

Its mission is to simplify complex business processes using tools like cloud automation programs, software robots, and intelligent data processing, allowing customers to do more value-creating work with fewer resources. In line with this vision, the organisation saw an opportunity to streamline the way it manages client contracts and consultancy quotes with a fully integrated electronic signature capability. 

Why do you need to automate document execution

Autonomate is committed to making its customer-facing workflows as easy as possible. Signing and managing contracts and quotes are often its first client touchpoint, making it crucial that this is a smooth and efficient process.

The organisation previously had to manually export these agreements from its Xero accounting platform in a PDF format. It would then need to manually follow some on-screen prompts for each contract, input important information and send the contract to customers for signing via a standalone electronic signature tool.

This was proving to be unnecessarily time-consuming for Autonomate, with a clunky workflow that required using both Xero and the electronic signature tool individually. As an organisation that values speed and efficiency and with a team of just four people, Autonomate wanted to improve its contracting process and free up the time its team was spending on administrative work.

Transforming a manual, time-consuming activity

“As an automation company, we naturally want to automate as many of our manual processes as possible,” says Autonomate COO David Share. “We saw this project as a necessity given its potential to improve productivity and save time, money and energy for our four-person team.”

After investigating some options, it discovered DocuSign solutions partner Amaka and engaged them to help integrate DocuSign eSignature directly into its Xero finance platform.

Amaka worked closely with Autonomate to understand its business requirements and seamlessly integrate eSignature into its contracting workflow in Xero. The implementation process was straightforward, with no impact or disruption on Autonomate’s day-to-day activities.

“The integration was extremely easy and the support from Amaka was amazing. I had it running and was testing functionality within about 5 minutes of the tool going live,” Share adds. “I also spent time customising the branding side of the DocuSign portal, which only took about 30 minutes.”

“The entire contracting process now happens either the same day or within 48 hours. Prior to using DocuSign the whole process would take 3-5 days to get the client to sign and then my team would manually need to upload the document back to Xero.”

A faster process that’s made a tangible impact

With DocuSign fully integrated into Autonomate’s Xero workflow, the organisation can quickly generate contracts with all verified customer information and send them through for signing. Customers simply sign documentation via email and the document is securely stored in Xero. 

The integrated solution saves Autonomate’s teams approximately 15 minutes per contract, with the entire process generally completed within hours. Everything is fully tracked within the platform, with automatic prompts and follow-ups sent when required. 

“The DocuSign integration works very well and our whole team is really impressed,” Share says. “We’ve had no major challenges introducing it to our team and everyone is very happy with it as a whole.”

By reducing time on manual, administrative tasks, DocuSign gives Autonomate’s teams more time to work on the things that really add value to their client’s businesses. 

“We’re always looking to automate and integrate solutions where we can, so staff spend less time doing manual tasks. DocuSign helps our team spend more time on things that make a difference for our customers.

“They’ve helped transform a somewhat difficult process into a quick and painless interaction that’s done in minutes. Both DocuSign and Amaka have been great and we’re looking forward to continuing our relationship well into the future.”

How to get started with DocuSign + Xero