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How a simple DocuSign integration helps Autonomate give time back to clients and teams

Autonomate is passionate about making business easier for its customers. Based in the UK, the organisation provides and manages customised Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services to make organisations more cost and time efficient.

Laura Tien February 03, 2023

Amaka advisors’ spotlight: Jim’s Bookkeeping

For decades, bookkeepers were basically data entry clerks - their work consisted mostly of inputting data from one system into another. Now, however, with the increased availability and popularity of system integrations, many bookkeepers can offer high quality services that branch outside just copying numbers.

Amaka Team May 14, 2020

Developing custom POS reports to support innovation: Amaka x Cobb & Co. Case study

Cobb & Co. is a New Zealand's original family restaurant. 10 years ago, the brand's look-and-feel was modernised and the operational systems were overhauled to become world-class and set people up for a career in hospitality. The digital transformation didn’t end there, though. Amaka helped to introduce custom POS reports.

Amaka Team October 31, 2019