Amaka launches much-anticipated Square integration to QuickBooks Online

Amaka is launching its much-anticipated Square integration to QuickBooks Online. The release is an addition to Amaka’s existing Square + Xero integration and Square + MYOB integration.

The Square + QuickBooks Online integration is the first out of a long pipeline of integrations that Amaka will be launching rapidly over the next few months. These plans will deepen Amaka’s presence in the US market and across other major regions.

Pedram Afshar, Amaka’s CEO, said, “We received many requests from merchants across the world to connect Square and QuickBooks Online after our successful rollout of the Square integrations with Xero and MYOB.

The latest integration will allow Square customers using QuickBooks Online to automate their bookkeeping, keeping financial information up-to-date and books perfectly reconciled. The integration will be available globally to all merchants using the two systems.

Francesco Martella, Amaka’s COO, said, “Over 15,000 businesses are currently leveraging Amaka’s solutions to automate their POS and e-commerce accounting, each saving dozens of hours every month. With a freemium pricing model in place, our product is much more accessible to small to medium-sized enterprises.”

Key features of the Square + QuickBooks Online integration

  • Automate and capture sales data from a single or multiple Square locations straight to QuickBooks Online
  • Get an overview of Square daily sales transactions summarised in a QuickBooks Online invoice
  • Back-date your sync to catch up with your books
  • Lightning-fast bank reconciliation process
  • 100% free plan available
  • Choose from our 2-Minute Express setup, Advanced setup for professionals or Guided setup with one of our integration specialists