Sales tax (Refunded line item)

Pamela Calilung
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There are orders processed in BigCommerce where the tax rate and amount is no longer available after a refund has been processed. The “Sales Tax (Refunded Line Item)” mapping is a fallback tax type that will be used when the tax information can no longer be retrieved.

How it works

When an order has been paid and closed, the order will contain the tax rate and tax amount information. However, when a refund is processed after the order has been closed, the data that we can retrieve will no longer show the tax information on the refund and order. Hence, at the time of the sync, the integration will refer to the tax rate mapped to the “Sales Tax (Refunded Line Item)” as an alternative to the original tax rate that cannot be retrieved.

To map “Sales Tax (Refunded Line Item)”, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and sign in to your account
  2. Edit your integration and go to Settings
  3. Click Tax Types and map all fields including “Sales Tax (Refunded Line Item)”
  4. Click Save and Continue.
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