Order level refund for BigCommerce integrations


  • Order level refund is used when you wish to refund a custom value. When this refund option is used, any existing order tax will not be recalculated as per the support document in BigCommerce (reference: BigCommerce Help Center).

How it works

When refunding a custom value and the tax is not being recalculated, it also means that the appropriate tax rate for the refund will not be synced. BigCommerce will always report zero tax for this type of refund and that’s why our suggestion is to map it to a 0% or tax exempt tax rate.

However, if all your items are consistently taxed at a certain percentage, you can map that tax rate so that the integration will apply it to the custom value refunds and reflect the correct tax amount in your accounting software.

To map “Order Level Refund”, please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into the Amaka dashboard.

  2. Edit your integration and go to Settings.

  3. Click Tax Types and map all fields including “Order Level Refund”.

  4. Click Save + Continue.

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