How to enable pretty permalinks in WooCommerce

Pamela Calilung
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This document provides information about actions users should perform when connecting to Amaka, to ensure that the integration will work smoothly and the connection will not be interrupted or broken due to the invalid configuration.

This is relevant to those using WooCommerce + Xero, WooCommerce + QuickBooks Online and/or WooCommerce + MYOB.

Steps to enable pretty permalinks in WooCommerce:

  1. Enter the WooCommerce admin dashboard.
  2. Open the Settings / Permalinks navigation link.
  3. Under Permalink structure, choose either Day and name, Month and name, Numeric, Post name or Custom Structure.

    pretty permalinks for woocoommerce accounting plugins
  4. In the screenshot, we see an adequately configured Custom Structure. In the selection are all the links that also should work correctly.

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