Vend + MYOB data reconciliation


  • The integration syncs one invoice at the end of each tranding day to record the sales summary in MYOB. All amounts from the transactions for the day are summed together in one invoice in MYOB.
  • You can check the accuracy of the integration by comparing the amounts from the integrated invoice in MYOB with the Sales reports in Vend.

How can I check the accuracy of the integration by reconciling data?

  1. To view the invoice from MYOB, log in to your account, navigate the Sales tab -> Sales Register section.

    Note: You may need to filter the invoices based on the date that you wish to check data for.

  2. Net sales and taxes

    net sales myob

    Following the example above, the net sales for the day are computed as:
    $45.45 + 15 – 3.63 – 2 = $54.82

    The net sales amount in MYOB will match the Gross Profit amount in the Sales report in Vend.

    sales report vend
  3. Payments

    Payments are synced as negative lines and they are mapped against the clearing accounts.

    clearing account myob vend payments report
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