eBay + MYOB bank feed reconciliation


  • This guide will cover how to reconcile eBay transactions deposited in the integrated payment gateway or non-integrated payment gateway for those using the eBay + MYOB integration.
  • Allocate your payment deposits recorded in eBay to the clearing accounts.

How to reconcile eBay transactions in MYOB

The eBay + QuickBooks Online integration will capture each eBay payout and transform it into an invoice with seller fees, subscription, refunds and shipping charges included in the line items. The final invoice is pushed to MYOB and remains outstanding.

Follow these steps to reconcile transactions with eBay + MYOB:

  1. Log into MYOB.

  2. Go to BankingBank Transactions.

  3. Select the bank account where payouts are deposited.

  4. Find the payout related to eBay Settlements and click Allocate me.

  5. Easily match the outstanding invoices to the payouts. The outstanding amount of the invoice would be consistent with the deposited amount.

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