Revel + Xero FAQ


  • Most common questions about the Revel + Xero integration.

How does the Revel + Xero integration work?

Through the Amaka integration, a range of Revel POS data can be seamlessly synchronised with the Xero accounting software. Each day the integration will synchronise and populate your Xero accounting software file with the most recent Revel POS data.

What data from Revel can be integrated with Xero accounting software?

  • Sales data (order items, orders, sales by product class, sales by category, sales by sub-category, sales by establishment)
  • Payroll timesheets (employee hours worked)
  • PO and inventory data (products, shipping and handling charges, miscellaneous charges, vendor information, product information)

How do I set up the integration?

The Revel + Xero integration is an assisted integration. Currently we do not permit users to setup their own integration due to the large number of configuration settings available. An Amaka integration consultant will work with you to determine your specific requirements and configure your integration accordingly. During this process the integrations team will also ensure that data is correctly synchronising with your Xero accounting software. Book a setup session.

What are the basic Revel + Xero integration requirements?

First of all you need to create accounts in Xero that will be mapped to sales in Revel. Then you need to create clearing accounts in Xero that will be mapped to payment types in Revel. The last thing you need to do is to create any custom tax rates in Xero that will be mapped to the corresponding tax rates in Revel.

How do I reconcile Revel POS data synchronised to Xero accounting software?

Reconciling payments can be mapped to any GL account within your Xero accounting software. Generally speaking, it is suggested that separate clearing accounts for different payment types be created within the chart of accounts (unless payment types are grouped together because they are deposited in a single transaction (e.g. Visa/Debit/Master card merchant settlement amounts). Once the actual cash funds have been deposited into the bank account the payments can be reconciled against the relevant clearing account.

How do I check Revel POS data against Xero accounting software?

Sales and payments data can be easily compared with the Sales Summary Report as presented in the Revel Management Console. In the Sales Summary Report you will be able to see all of the values that should have been synchronised into your accounting software (e.g. Sales totals, discount totals, tax, tips and payment types). Note that there may be minor rounding differences with regards to tax amounts as Revel and Xero accounting software use different methods.

Can I change my integration settings after the initial setup is complete?

Yes, if your requirements change and you would like to change the configuration of the integration you can simply contact support through our Help Desk →.

Can I sync pre-existing Revel POS data?

Yes, previous Revel POS data can be integrated into your Xero accounting software. (Note – this is subject to applicable fees based on the amount of data to be resynchronised).

What happens if a mistake is made at Revel POS and incorrect data are synced to Xero accounting software?

It can be common that employees or business owners new to Revel may make errors at the POS. Some common errors that can occur include; entering incorrect payment types (e.g. selecting a cash payment type instead of a credit card payment type), entering incorrect amounts for non-standard products, incorrectly processing certain transactions (such as refunds and returns) or assigning taxes incorrectly to products. In this situation it is best to contact support through our Help Desk →. An integration consultant can assist you with implementing the appropriate corrective action.

How much does the Revel + Xero integration cost?

$0.99 AUD per day / establishment. Additionally you need to pay $500 AUD setup fee for each establishment. Please refer to the pricing page.

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