WooCommerce + Xero Integration

Connect WooCommerce and Xero to automatically post a summary of your previous day’s sales for perfectly reconciled payouts.

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WooCommerce and Xero accounting integration

Connect WooCommerce + Xero

Connect WooCommerce and Xero and sync sales records in minutes without having to write a single line of code.

WooCommerce + Xero Sales summary
Summarised or per order sync

Automatically sync each order into a single invoice or sync orders into a summarised invoice daily.

WooCommerce + Xero Automatic export
Automatically scheduled export

Choose when the data should be synced and all the sales records captured.

WooCommerce + Xero Easy reconciliation
Easy reconciliation

Have the peace of mind that your sales and fees are accounted for with our lightning fast payouts reconciliation.

WooCommerce + Xero Express Setup
2-Minute Express setup

Get started and start syncing your sales data in just 2-minutes with our CPA Certified express setup.

WooCommerce + Xero Historical sync
Historical sync

Keep your books in check with our historical export by back syncing your data in just a few clicks.

WooCommerce + Xero Tracking categories
Tracking categories

Leverage Xero’s tracking categories for location, product category or product.

All WooCommerce transactions are captured

All your transactions are automatically fetched and prepared for sync.

30 May
Sales can be grouped for easy reconciliation

WooCommerce transactions can be summarised in various of formats.
View all formats

30 May
The sync runs every day automatically

You have full control over the sync time.

30 May
Your sales summary is inserted in Xero

Your transactions will be synced automatically into Xero the following day.

31 May
Sync is complete and ready for the next cycle

We monitor and verify to ensure 100% accurate, timely data.

31 May

Sync your sales data in various formats with WooCommerce + Xero

Choose your preferred format and sync your data as daily sales summary, product categories or products breakdown.

sort WooCommerce by category in xero
Product categories

List the product categories breakdown in your daily sales summary.

Choose format
sync WooCommerce fees and taxes to Xero
Per order or summarised sync

Sync daily sales into a per order or summarised invoice including fees, taxes and more.

Choose format
Products breakdown

Capture a breakdown of products sold during your daily sales transactions.

Choose format

Lightning-fast reconciliation

Sync multiple payment types to accounts of your choice and easily allocate deposits to these accounts during reconciliation.

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Pricing for WooCommerce + Xero

Get started and connect WooCommerce + Xero for free. You can upgrade your plan and leverage premium features to customise your integration even further at any time.


Free forever


  • 1 Integration | 1 store
  • 1 Business tracker | 1 store
  • Unlimited orders/transactions
  • Daily sync

  • Summarised view
  • Detailed view
  • Default mapping
  • Custom mapping
  • Advanced features
  • 1 day back sync

  • 1 : 1 Onboarding on request
  • Unlimited Zoom support
  • Live chat & Help Desk

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/month (Billed annually)

or USD 17.99 month-to-month


  • 10 Integrations | Unlimited stores
  • 10 Business trackers | Unlimited stores
  • Unlimited orders/transactions
  • Daily sync

  • Summarised view
  • Detailed view
  • Default mapping
  • Custom mapping
  • Advanced features
  • Cost of Goods (COGS) Sync
  • Up to 12 months historical back sync

  • 1 : 1 Onboarding on request
  • Unlimited Zoom support
  • Live chat & Help Desk

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Designed and certified by CPAs

Our accouting integrations are designed by professional CPAs, tax advisors and certified Xero experts.

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FAQ on integrating WooCommerce and Xero

Yes, you can sync WooCommerce data with Xero on a daily basis. Your WooCommerce version needs to be 5.8 or higher, and your WordPress version needs to be 4.4 or higher.

Our free integration will sync a summary of your previous day’s sales into Xero as an invoice, and speed up reconciliation.

Yes! We offer a free WooCommerce integration with Xero accounting software. The free plan is available for 1 store and allows for an unlimited number of orders. You can view the details of our premium plan on our pricing page.

There are a range of options available. We have a help guide on how to set up the WooCommerce + Xero integration on your own.

For the 2-Minute Express setup, the integration will automatically map sales and payments from WooCommerce into Xero by creating the following default accounts. Advanced setup allows for custom mapping. You can also schedule a call with one of our integration experts for the Guided setup.

As part of the authentication process, you will need to validate that your WooCommerce version is 5.8 or higher, and your WordPress version is 4.4 or higher. Due to the technical limitations (the integration is retrieving orders based on the filtering parameters introduced in WooCommerce 5.8), the user will not be able to proceed through the wizard – we will block it explicitly.

Yes! Any refunds or returns from WooCommerce are tracked by the integration and updated in Xero as a negative amount. This includes separate line items with any discounts and shipping fees as a negative amount as well.
You can set when the WooCommerce + Xero integration runs a daily sync. As a default, it’s set to 3am in your local time. Additionally, you can back sync your data by up to 12 months depending on what plan you’re on. Our support team can help you with this process.
The best way to reach out to our support team is by booking a 30-minute video call support session with one of our experts. This is free regardless of whether you’re on our free or premium plan. You can also reach out to us via our live chat on the website or through our help desk.

Support for WooCommerce + Xero integration

How to setup guide connect WooCommerce and Xero
Setup guide

Learn how to set up the integration step-by-step in our WooCommerce + Xero setup guide.

Support for WooCommerce Xero integration by Amaka
Help desk

If you have technical issues, our Integration Specialists are ready to help! Visit our Help Desk or book a support session.

WooCommerce support

For general enquiries regarding WooCommerce, please contact WooCommerce support directly.