How partial refunds work with Squarespace integrations


  • How to change tax type mapping for partial refunds with a Squarespace accounting integration.

How it works

When processing partial refunds, the tax type cannot be pulled from the source data (Squarespace). The tax type related to the partial refund is preset to a nontaxable tax type but you can change this if you only have one tax rate that can be applied to your products or services. E.g. 10% GST is applied across all products.

Below are the accounting apps that calculate the tax based on the mapping set in the integration settings:

  1. Xero
  2. MYOB
  3. Quickbooks Online (except US regions)

To change the tax type mapping for partial refunds, please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into the Amaka dashboard.

  2. Edit your integration and go to Settings.

  3. Click Tax Types and browse through the list to find Partial Refunds.

  4. Map Partial Refunds to the appropriate tax rate.

  5. Click Save and Continue.

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