Donation blocks in Squarespace integrations


  • How donation blocks work with the Squarespace accounting integration.

How it works

Use donation blocks to collect donations from visitors to your cause or organization. You can also use them to set up a customized cash gift registry on a wedding website.

Donation blocks appear as Donate buttons on the page. When a visitor clicks the button, they’re led to a page where they can enter and submit a donation amount. Learn more about the Donation Block or how to manage donations.

Mapping donations

From the integration settings, donations can be mapped to Revenue or Current Liability accounts. The preset tax type is a nontaxable tax type.

If you are collecting donations for your own organisation, we recommend mapping the Donations to a Revenue or Income account. If you are collecting donations on behalf of the charity organisation that you support, we recommend mapping the Donations to a Current Liability account.

Also, check and map the appropriate tax type. Donations are usually tax-free and more likely to use tax types such as GST Free, Zero Rated or Tax Exempt. On the other hand, when Donations are mapped to a current liability account, it is more likely to use tax rates such as BAS Excluded, No VAT, or Tax Exempt.

To map donations:

  1. Sign into the Amaka dashboard.

  2. Open the integration settings.

  3. On the left navigation panel, click Features and make sure Advanced Setup is selected.

  4. Click Save + Continue and then click on Accounts.

  5. Click the dropdown across Donations and select the appropriate account.

  6. Click Save + Continue.

  7. Within the Tax Types section, find Donations and map the appropriate tax rate.

  8. Click Save + Continue.

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