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E-commerce accounting: The cash flow statement and why it’s important

The cash flow statement is often seen as the less straightforward financial statement for e-commerce businesses, especially when compared to the balance sheet and the income statement. However, just like its counterparts, understanding the cash flow statement is absolutely essential to keeping your business afloat.

Laura Tien August 16, 2021

E-commerce accounting: How to read and analyse your balance sheet

The balance sheet is one of the many financial statements that is useful for e-commerce business owners to understand. In this article, we'll go through what's on the balance sheet, how to analyse it and the ratios you'll want to track. Please not, this isn't intended to be financial advice. We recommend reaching out to an accounting professional for further guidance.

Laura Tien July 29, 2021

Shopify accounting: Recording Shopify Payments, fees and reconciliation

If you're using Shopify Payments as your main payment gateway and you're looking to understand how to manage your accounting and bookkeeping, this article is for you. We'll go through what Shopify Payments is, how to make sure you've set it up correctly, the fees involved and how to properly manage your books when using it.

Laura Tien July 22, 2021

E-commerce accounting: How to record gift card sales and redemptions

Though gift cards, otherwise known as gift vouchers or gift certificates, are a key cash generator for many e-commerce businesses, not everyone is doing the bookkeeping for gift cards correctly. To ensure you're making the most of the benefits, you'll want to be aware of how to properly account for them.

Laura Tien July 20, 2021

E-commerce accounting: How to integrate your inventory and accounting system

Inventory management for e-commerce businesses can be hard enough on its own and trying to figure out how to make sure numbers are correct in your accounting system can be even harder. In this article, we've teamed up with Unleashed Software, an inventory management software, to break these processes down and make them easier to manage.

Laura Tien July 14, 2021

E-commerce accounting: The impact common issues have on cash flow

This article is brought to you by Brixx, a standalone and add-on cash flow forecasting tool.

Amaka Team July 07, 2021

E-commerce accounting: Top 5 KPIs you need to measure

Key performance indicators or KPIs are the data points that you want to regularly track and use to measure success in your e-commerce business. When you look up important KPIs to measure, you'll find lists of 30+ or even 60+ to consider. However, for most e-commerce businesses, especially in earlier stages, you only need to track a few for success.

Laura Tien July 01, 2021

The Rise of the Accounting Technologist: Float on end-to-end accounting

The rise of the Accounting Technologist role, someone at the intersection of both accounting and technologist, is being observed across all kinds of people in the accounting industry. After interviewing accounting firms, we've started interviewing accounting apps to get a deep insight into what's going on behind the scenes in the accounting technology space.

Laura Tien June 29, 2021

Amaka launches much-anticipated Square integration to QuickBooks Online

Amaka is launching its much-anticipated Square integration to QuickBooks Online. The release is an addition to Amaka's existing Square + Xero integration and Square + MYOB integration.

Laura Tien June 17, 2021

The Rise of the Accounting Technologist: NOVA on how to generate more leads

Digital transformation in the accounting industry is happening all across the globe. We're seeing a rise in a role we've called the Accounting Technologist, someone at the intersection of accounting and technology. These people can both do your books and advise you on how you should build your digital ecosystem.

Laura Tien June 16, 2021