Square partners with Amaka to deliver THE official sales integration with MYOB

Amaka partners with Square to deliver the official integration with MYOB that will help customers to aggregate sales data from every corner of their business.

Square will now fully sync sales transactions with MYOB Business (New Essentials) and Account Right to allow customers to easily reconcile payments.

No more rekeying sales data, exporting and importing spreadsheets or fiddling with calculations. Transaction data processed via Square’s payment platform will reliably and securely move to the MYOB account of choice automatically.

Amaka offers a safe and friendly environment where users can configure the integration to make it 100% in-line with their business and accounting processes. It’s a perfect solution for modern businesses that are looking for a fully automated way to handle their sales records.

After a guided, quick setup through the amaka.io interface, business owners and accounting professionals will be able to connect the apps and automate the tedious and error-prone data entry process, once managed manually.

The integration answers the current needs of business owners to regain focus on their business’ operations and streamline their back-end processes. Those who are in this game, know that every bit of time saved on low-value tasks will allow them to focus more on their customers, which is key to getting an edge over the competition.

Using Square and MYOB? Here is a custom-tailored solution for you!

Having access to a comprehensive and straightforward set of data enables you to make better, more informed decisions, and lets you focus on the performance of the business. The first release of the integration will allow easy reconciliation of sales in a number of different ways, including:

  • By product or category
  • By store location
  • By payment type
  • Via paid invoices and refunds.

You will be able to group payments and sales to make things easy when the tax season arrives. Even refunds, surcharges, and Square fees will be taken care of automatically.

Setting up the integration does not require technical skills, as the process is highly intuitive, but if you have questions or doubts, amaka.io’s highly-skilled support team is ready to assist and guide you through the process almost instantly.

The setup wizard has been designed to ensure you have access to a simple and fast experience. This partnership raises Square to a whole new level in your business by offering another solution to simplify your accounting needs and enhance your day-to-day processes. The team has worked together to optimise your activities, maximise security, and manage the data in an intuitive way.

This solution is suitable for every business, from small entrepreneurs to global players, as you can choose to extract data from one or multiple venues, as well as sync different payment types to accounts of your choice. During the setup, you will have the chance to configure a time-based auto-sync feature to ensure all relevant information is captured seamlessly. You will have the freedom to schedule the exact time that you want the sync to occur and enjoy peace of mind of knowing that this whole process will happen automatically in the background, on a daily basis.

This is the missing piece to your cloud accounting integration ecosystem.

How to get started?

1. Register an Amaka account and follow the wizard to connect your Square and MYOB accounts.

Full details on how to do this are available on our setup guide.

2. Customise the integration to suit your requirements.

You can choose to sync data based on product category groupings, locations and more. Choose when the sync is triggered to make sure all your business data is captured.

3. Set the scheduler to enable the time-based auto-sync.

Done. It is that easy!

Visit the Amaka Square + MYOB integration page to find out more and keep growing your business.