Amaka releases new official Square + Xero integration, bringing the two fintech behemoths closer together

Square and Xero have released their official accounting integration and have chosen Amaka to oversee delivery of this key piece of infrastructure.

Amaka connects systems that SMEs use every day with cloud-based accounting packages. Amaka’s unique integration technology and support model provide affordable enterprise-level automation and integration products to businesses globally.

Amaka CEO Pedram Afshar commented, “Saving time and money for SMEs is our mission. We know well the need and importance of integrating Square and Xero. We are expanding and deepening our partnerships and continue to strive to rapidly add new integrations and automation solutions to our portfolio.” Amaka’s CFO and Product Evangelist, Martin Chee added, “In addition to announcing the launch of the new official Square + Xero integration, we are also happy to announce that the integration will be offered to customers 100% free of charge.”

Connect Square and Xero seamlessly with the new Square Xero integration

What does this mean for customers using Square and Xero?

  • Automate and capture sales data from multiple Square locations into a single file or multiple Xero organisation files;
  • Summarise all Square sales transactions into a Xero sales invoice;
  • Sync Square sales transactions in a wide array of formats;
  • Lightning-fast reconciliation processes with 100% accurate and automatic data entry;
  • A Square payment integration allowing Xero users to issue invoices and accept payments via Square.

Apart from data automation, merchants can finally get their invoices paid quickly and easily via Square. “The payment integration is a game changer for Square and Xero users,” says Martin Chee. “In addition to allowing merchants to save time recording and reconciling their sales transactions, having the ability to accept payments via Square will help them get paid quicker than ever before.”

Read more about Square + Xero integration and keep up-to-date on the latest developments on the Amaka website.