Square + Sage Accounting integration

Keep your sales in sync with the official Square + Sage Accounting integration for Sage Accounting customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.


Square + Sage Accounting integration is 100% free of charge for those using Square and Sage Accounting!

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Connect Square + Sage Accounting

Synchronise your sales transactions in minutes with our beautiful and seamless Square + Sage Accounting integration.

Square + Sage Multi locations support
Multiple locations support

Capture sales data coming from multiple Square locations to a single or multiple Sage account files.

Square Sage - Summarised daily sales sync
Summarised daily sales

Automatically sync daily sales and payments totals to an invoice each day.

Square + Sage payment method
Square transfers and fees sync

Transfers will automatically match deposit transactions and fees are accounted for to an expense account.

Square Sage Tracking categories support
Tracking categories support

Split sales into multiple revenue accounts by product or category.

Square + Sage historical sync
Historical sync

Keep your books in check with our historical export by back syncing your data in just a few clicks.

New sales are processed through Square

Sales and payments data for each order is captured for the sync.

19 Jul
Each Square sale is captured and ready to be synced

All your transactions are automatically fetched and prepared for sync.

19 Jul
Sales can be grouped for easy reconciliation

Square transactions can be summarised in various of formats.

19 Jul
The sync runs every day automatically

You have full control over the sync time.

20 Jul
Your sales summary is inserted in Sage

Square transaction data automatically feeds into Sage.

20 Jul

Lightning fast reconciliation

Speed up your reconciliation processes with 100% accurate and automatic data entry from Square into Sage.

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Support for Square + Sage Accounting integration

How to setup guide connect Sage and Square
Setup guide

Learn how to set up the integration step-by-step in our Square + Sage Accounting setup guide.

Support for Square + Sage integration by Amaka
Help desk

If you have technical issues, our Integration Specialists are ready to help! Visit our Help Desk or book a support session.

Square support

For general enquiries regarding Square, please contact Square support directly.